Zash Caine (ザッシュ・ケイン Zasshu Kein) was the minister of state of Stella who appears in Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry.[1]


Zash is a tall, burly man with brown hair and two scars on the right side of his face. He wears a skin tight black body suit (sporting a V-shaped design along his collarbone) alongside black gloves. His lower body is decorated with a slit tasset and is completed with large, golden boots.[1]


Zash, like Animus, is cruel, crude and brash. He only cares for his own objectives and will do anything to get them accomplished. He treats women like slaves while having a perverted attitude to them. Due to his serious nature he is feared by many in the kingdom.[1]


Dragon Cry

Magic and Abilities

Mind Control: This Black Magic allows Zash is able with to warp the minds of those who he induces with his Magic. When induced, the target's eyes become red and they become bloodthirsty, wanting to kill or destroy the user desires.[1]

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combat: Zash has shown to be adept at close combat, countering Natsu's Fire Dragon Slayer Magic blow for blow.[1]


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