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Yajeel (ヤジール Yajīru) is the minister of the Alvarez Empire and the grandfather of Ajeel Ramal.[1]


Yajeel is a tall, older gentleman with an unusually long neck and forehead and stark eyes with large bags beneath them. He is balding and missing most of his hair, and what little hair he has is dark in color and arranged carelessly on his head. Yajeel has a small amount of stubble on his chin and a very large and prominent mustache that falls well below his chin. He wears a dark-colored shirt, an intricately decorated scarf, pinstriped pants and a cloth belt. In addition, he carries around a walking stick with a bird's head carved on the top portion of it. He has a pronounced bent-over posture, presumably due to his old age.[2]


Alvarez Empire arcEdit

Yajeel and Makarov play cards

Yajeel and Makarov playing a card game

In the Alvarez Empire's capital of Vistarion, Yajeel is playing Rejenca, a card game, with Makarov Dreyar; the latter bringing up Emperor Spriggan due to his surprisingly kind nature, treating Makarov as a guest rather than being dictatorial as he was thought to be. Yajeel listens as Makarov tells him that he is spoken of in Ishgar as an absolute ruler by force, and Yajeel tells him it's one of his sides, along with his habit of disappearing from time to time. Soon after Yajeel beats Makarov in yet another game, they hear a noisy announcement from the people of Alvarez saying that the emperor has returned. As Makarov gets ready to meet him and, subsequently, negotiate with him, Yajeel tells him just to remain calm. When Yajeel catches a glimpse of the emperor, he says that he never seems to age and expresses longing for that ability.[2]

Soon after the emperor's arrival, Yajeel arrives in the palace, greeting Zeref after his long absence. As he beings to approach the latter, he suddenly stops upon remembering the effects of Zeref's lethal curse. After being told not to worry, Yajeel informs everyone about the arrival of Makarov and his desire to speak with Zeref, to which Invel reminds him about remembering to fill out the necessary documents before bringing a foreigner before the emperor. Zeref, however, is unconcerned and asks everyone to leave so that he may speak with Makarov privately.[3]

Later, Yajeel attends a meeting organized by Zeref. When Zeref applauds the fact that seven members of the Spriggan 12 made it to the meeting, Yajeel claims that another member, Neinhart, is somewhere in the palace as well.[4]

Invel reports news to Zeref

Yajeel hears of news from Invel

When the empire finally launches its attack, Yajeel accompanies the division of the army led by Invel and Zeref. While the troops head toward Magnolia from the city's western side, Invel informs the minister and the emperor of Ajeel and Brandish's defeat. Yajeel begins to grieve at the thought of his grandson's death, but is reassured by Zeref, who states that neither of the fallen Shields of Spriggan are dead.[1]

When Magnolia is turned back to normal, Yajeel finds Ajeel laying at the mercy of Elfman and Lisanna Strauss before stepping in and telling his grandson to stand down. Yajeel states the war is causing many losses as the two fairy tail mages tell him every war is the same result. Yajeel then begs the two to spare his grandchild while offering his own life as recompense as Ajeel tells him not to beg for his life only for both to be informed that never intended to kill the defeated Shield of Spriggan.[5]


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