The Writer is an aspiring novelist who is traveling around Fiore for inspiration.[1]


He is a young slim man of average height with black hair and black eyes. He wears a pair of dark red glasses, a collared long-sleeved shirt under a greyish blue sweater vest, a pair of pants and slippers for footwear.


He is a kind and generous young man as seen when, having thought that Lucy liked the Fateful Encounter book that they both saw, he gave it to her as a gift. He is also quite respectful as seen when he politely asked Lucy to tour him around Magnolia.[1] He also prefers women similar to Cana Alberona.[2]


Oración Seis arc

The Writer meets Lucy

The writer meets Lucy

While browsing in Magnolia's Book Land, the writer accidentally grasps Lucy Heartfilia's hand as he reaches for a book, causing her to freak out and run out of the store. He quickly follows her and, having learned that she lives in the city, politely asks her to tour him around the city, explaining that he is an aspiring novelist who travels around looking for inspiration. He then tries to give her the book that they were looking at but Lucy denies his request, saying that she's busy for the day.[3]

The Writer sees Cana

The writer falls in love with Cana

He later runs into her again and she offers to take him around the city which he accepts. The two then tour around the city, looking at some of the famous landmarks like the Kardia Cathedral and the Fairy Tail Guild. After the tour, the writer asks Lucy to go with him to dinner which she accepts. However, Cana comes in her place as Lucy leaves on a mission with Natsu and Happy. The writer doesn't mind this but is extremely happy since Cana is his type.[3]

Appearances In Other Media

The Day of the Fateful Encounter

The omake, The Day of the Fateful Encounter, is one of Lucy's dreams.[4] In the dream, the writer is mistaken by Lucy to be her fateful encounter but she later realizes that her fateful encounter was Natsu, who she met exactly one year prior.[2]


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