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Woodcutting in the Dark (夜半の樵, ウッドキリングインザダーク, Uddo Kiringu In Za Dāku) is a Poaching Guild operating in Earth Land.[1]


Very little information is available about this Poaching Guild. All that is known is that the Guild's teams search for valuable beasts in order to sell them.[2]


A team from this Guild was able to get their hands on a young King Mole and chartered an entire train compartment to transport their catch. But their celebrations were soon halted as their victim's parents jumped aboard the carriage to confront them. To make matters worse for the team, Gray Fullbuster and Pause Lightless happened to be aboard the train and soon burst in on the fight, opting to help the King Moles' save their offspring. The team was soon defeated and the King Moles reunited.[3]


While the true strength of the Guild is unknown, the team which they sent to capture a King Mole offspring was initially successful,[4] but later easily fell to the combined might of the King Moles' parents and the young Mages Gray Fullbuster and Pause Lightless,[5] suggesting that they are adept at their work, but do not possess significant fighting capabilities despite carrying dangerous weapons.


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