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Wood-Make (木の造形魔法(ウッドメイク) Uddo Meiku) is a Caster Magic, and a type of Molding Magic, that makes use of the creation, and manipulation, of wood.


Wood-Make is a type of Molding Magic which utilizes wood for offensive and defensive purposes. The caster can create a variety of wooden objects to be used for combat, ranging from wood-cutting weapons to human limbs.[1] These objects can also be used for various defensive purposes.[2][3] In addition, they can create sculptures as well as other non-combative objects.[4] The caster of this Magic can create multiple wooden objects in one instance, allowing them to defeat a wider range of opponents with just a single spell.[5]

Users of Wood-Make are also shown to merge their bodies inside actual wood, additionally with more than one occupant, making it an effective use for stealth.[3]


Laki's SpellsEdit


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