Whose Clothes Are These? is an omake for Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima. It was included with pre-ordered editions of Fairy Tail: Zeref's Awakening.

After Gray finds his clothes are missing, he borrows Natsu's and soon finds that Natsu has taken his, leading to various members of the guild swapping clothes with one another.


Gray looks for his clothes

Gray looks for his clothes

Gray is once again without his clothes and wanders through the guild hall, wondering out loud where he left them. Lucy tells him she doesn't have the faintest idea, seeing as he strips everywhere, and Wendy tells him to at least wear something, covering her eyes. Gray decides to make do with some other clothes for the time being. Lucy points out that those are Natsu's clothes and Gray realizes what that means. Soon enough, Natsu arrives wearing Gray's clothes. The two demand their clothes back from each other as Happy and Carla wonder how they managed to do this. Erza then arrives and seeing what is going on, decides to try swapping clothes as well. She swaps her armor for Lucy's and then Wendy's clothes (both of whom find her armor too heavy).

Wendy and Levy wearing bunny costumes

Wendy and Levy in bunny costumes

Several others also decide to join in swapping clothes. Natsu and Gray end up wearing Jet and Droy's clothes, Juvia and Mirajane swap clothes, Lisanna gets Cana's clothes, Cana wears Erza's armor, Elfman gets Freed's attire and Freed gets Natsu's. Wendy and Levy end up in bunny suits, to their dismay, and to the delight of Jet and Droy (who are now in Natsu and Gray's outfits).

Ichiya appears

Ichiya appears

Happy suggests to Carla and Panther Lily that they should try swapping too. The two are not keen on the idea, pointing out Happy's lack of clothing, but somehow end up doing it anyway. Ichiya then appears in his underwear looking for his clothes, which turn out to have ended up on Gajeel, who thinks they suit him. Erza then suggests that Lucy try on her Seduction Armor. Lucy is against the idea and runs away as Erza attempts to persuade her to do it. Jet and Droy then talk about the possibility that anyone could wear the Seduction Armor in the game. Lucy and Levy yell at them to stop it.

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