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Whose Clothes Are These?

Wendy is horrified when Gray appears yet again without clothes on at the guild, making her shield her gaze and begs him to wear something.[1] Later on, Wendy compliments Erza when she trades clothes with Lucy, but is horrified when Erza suggests to Wendy that she try on her armor and falls under the weight of it when she does.[2] Wendy is even more horrified after she ends up in a bunny costume and accidentally sees Ichiya in nothing but a speedo.[3]

Fairies' Penalty Game

Cana is handling Wendy

Wendy selected by Cana

After losing a bet to Team Fairy Tail B,[4] Wendy is selected by Cana to do her bidding for the day.[5] While being forced to try on a wedding dress for Cana's amusement, Wendy remains flustered and questions whether Cana is planning to marry her off to a stranger. Cana ignores the questions and proceeds to force Wendy to try on various other outfits. As Wendy asks Cana what she is planning to do, Cana states that she will be taking Wendy over to a male friend of hers, leading Wendy to fretfully refuse. While walking through the neighborhood feeling uncomfortable over the situation, Wendy acknowledges that, for a punishment game, it is starting to get overwhelming. Upon arriving at their destination, Wendy looks on and realizes that they have stopped at a church. After a priest appears and identifies Wendy, several children run her way and gleefully convene around her. As Wendy, whom is oblivious to the situation, asks Cana what is going on, Cana simply tells her to go with them. The children remain awestruck by Wendy and recognize her from the Grand Magic Games, gleefully asking her several questions. As night falls, Cana explains to Wendy that the children are orphans of the church, and that she herself used to stay there when she was a child.

Cana and Wendy sleeping

Wendy and Cana asleep

As Cana explains her past, she tells Wendy that the children look up to her as an inspiration because she is a star of their generation. After realizing Cana's sentimental motives, Wendy notes that it was quite a thoughtful punishment, and they continue to converse. When the day of punishment has ended, Panther Lily finds Wendy and Cana asleep against a tree, side by side with smiles on their faces.[6]

Welcome Back, Frosch

Walking through Magnolia with Carla, Wendy spots Rogue, Sting, Yukino and Lector and thanks them for their help with the Dragons during the Grand Magic Games; Wendy becomes frightened when Rogue angrily asks her if she's seen Frosch, who has gone missing. When she asks who Frosch is, Yukino explains that it's an Exceed wearing a frog costume, and after Carla points them in the right direction, Wendy states that she has no idea what just happened.[7]

413 Days

Accompanied by Erza and Carla, Wendy bids Juvia good morning and notes that, in light of her even more so than usual giddy demeanor, something about her seems special; she becomes surprised when Juvia reveals her wild fantasies about how her and Gray's four hundred-thirteenth day anniversary will go.[8]


Welcome to Fairy Hills!!

Wendy arrives at Fairy Hills

Wendy and Carla arrive at Fairy Hills

Wendy is present in the first OVA as one of the new residents in Fairy Tail's girl's dormitory, Fairy Hills. As Wendy and Carla arrive at the dormitory, they encounter Lucy at the entrance who is dressed in a revealing cat outfit. Lucy asks them why they are at the dormitory, Wendy explains to her that they have arrived at Fairy Hills as new residents. After being shown around the guild by Happy, Carla along with Wendy head down to the beach for a party held for them by the girls from the dorm. There, Wendy swims in the ocean, plays water activities with the others and watches the girls play a relationship game.[9]

Fairy Academy: Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan

Wendy with Lucy and Levy

Wendy with Lucy and Levy

Wendy appears as a student of Fairy Academy along with other Fairy Tail members. Wendy eats lunch with the other girls, after which she notices the popular Loke hitting on Lucy, surprising her as she didn't know they were so close. While the girls are walking home later that day, Erza reveals that she has a date with Seig from the elite Era High School and asks them to help her prepare. After helping her find a dress and prepare for the date, Wendy joined her and Lucy as they head off to the arranged meeting area. However, the group is harassed by students from the Courage Academy, with Wendy standing back as they target Erza in particular. As Erza fights the group back, Wendy notices Seig (who has watched the scene unfold) leave Erza, frightened by her personality.[10]

Wendy blames herself

Wendy blames herself for the issues

The next day, Wendy is in class and notices Erza's heavy depression. Seeing the new transfer student, Jellal, Wendy notes that he looks a great deal like Seig did. However, everyone's attention diverts as it is revealed that the Courage Academy students have struck once again. Wendy believes it to be her fault, though she is told otherwise by Lucy. During the subsequent confrontation, Wendy watches as Erza single-handedly defeats all the Courage Academy students, only to be seen by Seig, Jellal and their mysterious duplicate, which causes her to fall into a depression once again. To cheer her up, Wendy and the group go out for karaoke and are later addressed by the principal of the school, Plue. Soon after, Gajeel Redfox and Juvia Lockser from Courage Academy join as transfer students, the latter of whom Wendy notices to be quite lively.[10]

Memory Days

Wendy and Carla in the 3rd OVA

Wendy and Carla in Memory Days

Wendy and Carla appear in the third OVA, Memory Days. In the beginning of the OVA, the two find Natsu's scarf left outside the guild. They later return it to him after he, Lucy, Gray, Erza and Happy return from the past.[11]

Fairies' Training Camp

Girls about to be crushed

Wendy about to be crushed

To prepare for the Grand Magic Games which are to begin in three months' time, Wendy and several of her guild mates head to the beach to set a training camp. Given the first day to relax, Wendy plays beach volleyball with Levy and Lucy while thinking about the training process. Hearing Levy state that she wished to go with Gajeel and Panther Lily, Wendy joins Lucy in teasing her about the Iron Dragon Slayer. Soon, the peace comes to an end as the boys' training threatens everyone at the beach, and specifically the large chunks of ice created by Gray, one of which nearly crushes the girls. Wendy joins in the attempt to destroy the ice, using her Sky Dragon's Roar to help save the beach, though not before it is heavily damaged.[12]

That night, Wendy and the other girls drink sake but Wendy finds herself unable to hold it, resulting in her passing out. Later on, the girls sober up and enter the hot spring, where Wendy listens to Lucy's story of how she once followed Natsu to his house. Once the story is finished, Wendy sees Erza toss kunai at the bamboo walls, suspecting that someone is stalking them, but the other girls suggest that the boys could be trying to peek at them, scaring Wendy.[12]

The Exciting Ryuzetsu Land

Wendy and Sherria playing

Wendy and Sherria playing

On the third night of the X791 Grand Magic Games, Wendy joins her guild mates on a trip to the popular resort known as Ryuzetsu Land. While walking around, Wendy meets up with Sherria, who happened to visit as well. When Wendy is asked about her injuries, she states that she's fine thanks to Sherria, with the latter noting her polite tone. As they have fun in the water, Wendy notices Carla's disturbed look and asks what happened to her. Given a vague answer, Wendy wonders aloud what happened to her, with Sherria suggesting it has to do with love. As the girls play, the actions of the ice Mages of their guilds cause them to be frozen in ice as the two freeze the resort. Though the ice is destroyed by Natsu, the resort is as well, leaving the two girls unconscious on the floor.[13]

Fairy Tail x Rave

Wendy, Carla, Let & Julia team up

Wendy and Carla Team up with Let and Julia

Wendy and Carla are seen walking through the city discussing a doll that Wendy had bought when they are attacked by Klodoa's coin monsters. They are rescued by Let and Julia, who request that Wendy leave so that she doesn't get hurt. Wendy however says she can fight and uses Sky Dragon's Roar on the coin monsters, and then suggests they work together to defeat them, as the city is full them. After Natsu and Haru defeat Klodoa and the coin monsters disappear as a result, Wendy, Carla, Let and Julia are seen remarking that it must be over. Wendy is seen leaving the city with Team Natsu and Juvia when she wonders aloud if they will meet the Rave Warriors again.[14]

Video Games

Fairy Tail Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou

Wendy's render in GKD

Wendy's render in Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou

Wendy is a playable character in the DS Game, Fairy Tail Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou, and is unlocked through quests.[15] In this game, Wendy Marvell possess the following moves:

Fairy Tail: Zeref's Awakening

Wendy is a playable character in the video-game Fairy Tail: Zeref's Awakening. She can be unlocked when you have beaten Racer. She uses the following spells:

  • Atatte: Cost 20 VP, she's having that spell from the beginning.
  • Arms: Cost 60 VP, she's having that spell from the beginning.
  • Vernier: Cost 60 VP, Wendy must buy that spell in the shop.
  • Arms X Vernier: Cost 40 VP, Wendy must buy that spell in the shop.
  • Troia: Cost 80 VP, Wendy must buy that spell in the shop.
  • Sky Dragon's Roar: Cost 60, Wendy must buy that spell in the shop.


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