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"It's a joke, a joke!"

Warrod Sequen to Team Natsu in "Warrod Sequen"
Warrod Sequen
Warrod Sequen



Wōroddo Shīken




Male Male

Professional Status

Magic Council Symbol Magic Council
The Wizard Saint Mark Ten Wizard Saints

Previous Affiliation

Fairy Tail symbol Fairy Tail


Wizard Saint

Previous Occupation

Treasure Hunter[1]

Previous Partner(s)

Precht Gaebolg
Yury Dreyar
Mavis Vermilion

Base of Operations

First Fairy Tail Building (former)

Personal Status



Green Magic


Wooden Staff

Manga Debut

Chapter 320 (silhouette)
Chapter 342 (actual)

Anime Debut

Episode 188 (silhouette)

Image Gallery

Warrod Sequen (ウォーロッド・シーケン Wōroddo Shīken) is one of the Ten Wizard Saints and among them, the 4th God of Ishgar.[2] He was also one of the founding members of Fairy Tail.[3]


The Fourth Wizard Saint

Warrod's current appearance

A century ago, Warrod was a very well-built young man; his head, somewhat rectangular in shape, was covered with messy hair on its top. Back then, Warrod dressed himself in a sleeveless top with a belt and trousers.[4]

In the present, Warrod's appearance has been considerably affected by his advancing age, with the most significant change being that he now has plant-like physical features: his head resembles a slightly gnarled tree trunk, whilst his hair resembles a leafy treetop. His attire consists of a high-collared kimono tied with a belt, loose trousers, a coat, and a pair of boots.[5]


In the past, Warrod used to be a very calm individual, to the point that he used to be calmly standing with his eyes closed, seemingly enjoying the nature surrounding him. However, he also expressed excitement upon seeing the Fairy Tail Guild's building finished, smiling in the photo that was taken afterwards.[3]

Warrod's sense of humor

Warrod's jokes are not always understood

Nowadays, Warrod showcases a specific sense of humor, making unexpected jokes to the point when the ones listening to him end up confused. In spite of this, Warrod knows when to take things seriously, as shown when explaining to Team Natsu the job they have to do. He also seems to be quite modest as he claims that despite being the 4th Wizard Saint, there are many Mages stronger than him. Having strong bonds to the nature, Warrod has been using his Magic to halt the spread of the deserts, which he describes to be his "hobby". Furthermore, he seems to treasure his memories, as seen when he recalled the time of Fairy Tail's establishment, being happy to see that the current Fairy Tail generation has inherited the feelings of the first master, Mavis Vermilion,[6] or when he reminisces Mavis' ideals of the Fairy Tail guild.[7]


Tenrou Jade arcEdit

In X686, Warrod, with his companions, Precht Gaebolg and Yury Dreyar, a trio of treasure hunters, traveled to Tenrou Island in search of the Tenrou Jade, an S-Class Secret Treasure.[8] While Yury wandered off, Precht and Warrod searched for the treasure and discovered it already been taken. Meeting back up with Yury, who had encountered a young girl, Mavis Vermilion, Precht explained the situation and showed them the evidence of the Jade's removal. Mavis, distraught by the robbery of the symbol of the island, told them she believed the Mage Guild Blue Skull had stolen the treasure seven years ago when her home was devastated by them and implored them to take her, and later her friend Zeira, back to the continent to recover it. They agreed and returned to the continent.[9]

Back at the port town of Hargeon, Precht, dissatisfied with what they had gained in the journey (namely, two "brats"), went off into the town to find information about Blue Skull, somewhat reluctantly accompanied by Mavis, while Warrod and the rest being left with the task of finding an inn. Later that day, Precht and Mavis returned with information on the Blue Skull's apparent headquarters and the group headed to Magnolia Town.[10]

On the journey, the treasure hunters and the girls bonded, with Warrod growing fond of Mavis and suggesting they give the Jade to her when they recover it. After three days, they arrived in the town and were shocked to find it in a ruined state with a massive Dragon skeleton perched on the once famous Kardia Cathedral.[11] They soon encountered an old man who told them that Magnolia's dilapidated state was due to the presence of Blue Skull in the city, but before he could continue he was killed by Blue Skull members, who also turned their attention on the group; Warrod, Precht, and Yury easily defeated them but the noise attracted a much larger force. Mavis created illusions to scare them away, but the Guild Master of Blue Skull revealed himself and informed everyone that the illusions were fake, which resulted in another brawl erupting; Yury and Precht were injured during the melee (the latter having lost his eye), but Warrod recovered them and pushed through to escape into the forest with Mavis and Zeira.[12]

While Precht and Yury were recovering in the forest, Mavis volunteered to collect some water and later returned with a mysterious young man who she said was going to teach them Magic. The man, Zeref, did so for the next few days, teaching Warrod Tree Magic. After Warrod and co. received a briefing over a plan created by Mavis,[13] they all head out and execute their strategy, with Warrod encountering Geoffrey in an attempt to lure his entourage away from him.[14]

Ten days after learning Magic from the Black Mage Zeref,[15] Warrod, along with Mavis, Precht, and Yury founded the Fairy Tail guild with Mavis as the Guild Master.[16]

Post-Tenrou JadeEdit

After his retirement, Warrod traveled to the deserts around the world in an attempt to afforest them with his Green Magic. At one point, he reached the Sun Village just to find out that it had been frozen.[17]


Sun Village arcEdit

The request of the 4th Wizard Saint

Warrod Sequen's request

Shortly after the finish of the Grand Magic Games and Fairy Tail regaining its former fame and strength, Warrod Sequen, much to the surprise of Makarov and everyone else in the guild, sends an emergency request to Fairy Tail, asking specifically for Natsu and Gray to take on the job.[18] In the end, they are accompanied by Lucy, Erza, Wendy, Happy and Carla to make sure that everything goes well. Reaching their destination, they notice a small wooden cottage, supposedly the home of Warrod Sequen.[19]

As they enter the house, the old man tells them to be quiet because plants like silence. Rather worried, Natsu and the others keep their mouths closed, however, the old man bursts into laughter and says that plants and flowers love humans' voices, leaving everyone dumbfounded. He then thanks the Mages for arriving and proceeds making other jokes, talking to Happy and Carla as if they were Natsu and Gray. Afterwards, being thirsty, he drinks directly from a watering can. Erza asks the man whether he is Warrod Sequen and he confirms it, but not before he tries to make a joke that he is not.[20]

Warrod talks about the village

Warrod explains the village's situation

Everyone then sits around a table outside and Warrod begins explaining that after his retirement, he has been traveling in order to afforest the deserts. During his travels, he reached a certain village called the Sun Village, which worships an "Eternal Flame" as a guardian entity. However, when Warrod arrived, the village was frozen, along with the flame which was protecting the village. Further explaining that he cannot leave the frozen villagers like that as they are still alive, he reaches the conclusion that he should make a request.[21]

With that said, Erza questions why is it that the 4th Wizard Saint cannot do this job on his own and Warrod explains that it is just a title given by the Council. Warrod then says that in reality, he has almost no offensive abilities and that's why there are many young Mages who would be able to defeat him. However, he then states that friends exist to make up for any weakness one may have and the team accepts his request.[22]

Warrod's memories

Warrod recalls the guild's establishment

Warrod then tells them that he will help with transportation as the village is 2000 km away. In an attempt to trick them for the last time, he orders them to gather at one place and "turn to the right", revealing it to be a joke afterwards, much to the team's displeasure. Warrod then holds his staff and uses his Green Magic to create a giant tree as a means of transportation. Warrod watches the team's departure and recalls the time when he, Mavis, Precht and Yury established the Fairy Tail Guild and happily states that "these youngsters" inherited the feelings of the first Master.[23]

Following the Fairy Tail Mages' completion of his request, at his house, Warrod laughingly congratulates the group, claiming that he knew that sending them was the right decision. Smiling, Warrod then proceeds to dismiss Wendy's fears of the involvement of Tartarus before handing them a potato from his garden as payment for their success; he claims this to be a joke and tells them that the potato was bought from a nearby market, angering the group of Mages further.[24] Later, after inviting the group to bathe in his personal hot springs, Warrod strolls in on the mayhem, wearing nothing but a towel, and tells Lucy that his hot springs are unisex, earning him a snide retort. Then, watching Erza coax Natsu and Gray into bathing with her, Warrod remarks that camaraderie is amazing; Lucy says that their situation has nothing to do with him, to which he counters by revealing a Fairy Tail mark on his left forearm, explaining that alongside Mavis, he too founded Fairy Tail and is, effectively, their senior. Playing along with the mood of the situation, Warrod prepares to say that everything was "just a joke", but tells them all that everything he's said is true, as well as confirming that the reason he hired Natsu and Gray was because they are from Fairy Tail, though he dismisses this as a joke as well.[25]

Continuing to smile, Warrod tells the Mages that meeting them, the youngest generation of Fairy Tail, made his heart skip a beat. He then begins to recite the song that Mavis sung about what she wished Fairy Tail to become, explaining that the bonds and dreams she wished for all her Mages to share has come to be, all before contently quieting himself into a reminiscing smile. However, the tone is changed when Natsu asks Warrod about E.N.D. and the Demons from the Book of Zeref, but Warrod claims to know nothing about any of this. On the other hand, Warrod tells them what he knows something about Tartarus: it is a guild that worships Demons and not one vital fact about them is known. Explaining that his last bit of information is from the other Four Gods of Ishgar, Warrod tells the Mages that his sources say that Tartarus has the Book of Zeref in their possession, shocking everyone present. With a dumbfounded look on his face, Warrod then watches as Natsu accidentally beats Erza in a fury, as well as Natsu's beating which takes place afterwards.[26]

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Green Magic

Warrod's Green Magic

Green Magic (緑の魔法 Midori no Mahō): A supportive Magic capable of controlling nature, while stated to have little to no offensive capabilities, Warrod can regardless use this Magic for amazing feats befitting one of the Ten Wizard Saints, such as instantly creating any kinds of plants for various purposes, with some of them even having the ability to move on their own at high speed to a desired destination.[5][27] According to Warrod himself, he has been using this Magic in order to stop deserts from spreading.[28]

  • Flowing Giant Tree: After performing an unknown incantation while holding his staff, Warrod creates a tree that moves at great speed to a desired location, regardless of the distance. The tree then acts like a vehicle or an animal, as stated by the Fairy Tail Mages who rode it to reach the Sun Village.[27] (Unnamed)

Longevity: Through unknown means, Magical or otherwise, Warrod has been living for more than one century as even 105 years ago, he was a Mage old and capable enough to be one of Fairy Tail's founding members.[3]


Warrod's staff

Warrod's staff

Staff: Warrod is shown using a wooden staff to cast his Green Magic.[27] However, he has also demonstrated the ability to create plants without using his staff, so it may not be a necessity when it comes to the usage of his Magic.[5][28]


Warrod concept sketches

Original sketches of Warrod

  • Warrod seems to have many early concepts that have all somewhat contributed to his final design. These themselves seem to contrast each other quite a bit, with Warrod's appearance being anything from small and very frail-looking to large and quite intimidating. All of these designs maintain a similarity since they incorporate nature into Warrod's appearance, usually in the form of tree-like masses of hair, or, in one case, a large mushroom cap. Whilst a few of the sketches maintain Warrod's eventual silly appearance, many display him as being angry, or coming across as far more serious in personality. In other sketches, Warrod is also shown with a small set of fairy wings on his back, wielding a large axe, possessing a long nose, or having a flat, almost log-like head.


  • (To Team Natsu) "It's a joke, a joke!"[29]
  • (To Team Natsu) "Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Your friends and your guild are there to make up for that, right?"[30]
  • (To himself) "Mavis... your feelings... have been inherited by those youngsters."[4]


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