Voltex Charge (ボルテックスチャージ Borutekkusu Chāji) is an ability created by the Machias Wall Eehto.[1]


Wall's enhanced form

Wall's enhanced form, attained after having utilized Voltex Charge

Voltex Charge is an ability that allows, by analyzing the weakness of the Machias' body through Weakness, the Machias user to convert and use electricity for their own purposes. Due to their bodies being made of organic metal, Machias are generally susceptible to electricity; however, a Machias with alchemic, magical abilities can, at the impact of an attack with excessive electrical magnitude, not only emerge unharmed, but also use the energy of said attack to augment their own strength by absorbing the energy within. After absorbing the electricity, the user unleashes a powerful blast that is large enough to destroy most of the nave of the Kardia Cathedral. After this initial burst, the user undergoes a form change that visually represents the enhancement of their base strength levels.[2]


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