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Vistarion (ヴィスタリオン Visutarion) is the capital city of the Alvarez Empire.


Vistarion is one of the major cities located in the Empire in the continent of Alakitasia, housing a significant population, gaining more lore over the years due the monopolization of the country overseen by their emperor, Zeref Dragneel.[1]


The capital city is located within the Alvarez Empire's borders.[1]


Being inside the empire's borders, the capital city consists of many tall, skyscraper-like castles surrounding the exterior. Within the city, there two to three story buildings and row homes that barricade the town's streets, along with bridges that connect from one side to another and balconies for viewing. There is a gargantuan castle in the center of the capital with many towers and sections. It towered over the entire city. There is a garden within the castle's grounds filled with numerous plants in a floral scenery.[1]




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