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Satan Soul Release

Mirror, MirrorEdit

Mirror, Mirror on the wall !
Who's the most forgetful admin of them all !

Hey Rai XD ! Anything new about what we have talked about ?

I was scrolling down the emoticons in my other wiki and found these three faces and thought that FTW might have a use of these so yeah, can you add them to our emoticons ? Aand a cookie !

P.S I really didn't mean that XD You're great admin <3 !

HamodyKeyes FT siteAsgail 22:44, August 19, 2016 (UTC)

OH you >.< XD ! Well here and here I asked you if you can add these themes:

/* Dullahan Head */
.pi-theme-dullahan-head .pi-image {
     background-color: #FFFFFF
.pi-theme-dullahan-head .pi-data-label,
.pi-theme-dullahan-head .pi-title,
.pi-theme-dullahan-head .pi-header {
     background-color: #028F1E;
     color: #FFF;
.pi-theme-dullahan-head .pi-navigation {
     background-color: #DCDCDC;
.pi-theme-dullahan-head .pi-navigation a,
.pi-theme-dullahan-head .pi-navigation a:link,
.pi-theme-dullahan-head .pi-navigation a:visited {

/* Magnolia Town */
.pi-theme-magnolia-town .pi-image {
     background-color: #FFFFFF
.pi-theme-magnolia-town .pi-data-label,
.pi-theme-magnolia-town .pi-title,
.pi-theme-magnolia-town .pi-header {
     background-color: #D2B48C;
     color: #000000;
.pi-theme-magnolia-town .pi-navigation {
     background-color: #DCDCDC;
.pi-theme-magnolia-town .pi-navigation a,
.pi-theme-magnolia-town .pi-navigation a:link,
.pi-theme-magnolia-town .pi-navigation a:visited {

in MediaWiki:Themes.css because I need it for two infoboxes that aren't "portable" yet (Never knew what good that made us anyway but oh well XP)

P.S You should consider archiving your talk now XP btw

P.S.S Liked the new emos ? :3

HamodyKeyes FT siteAsgail 20:04, August 20, 2016 (UTC)

Yaaaaaaaay !

HamodyKeyes FT siteAsgail 17:35, August 21, 2016 (UTC)

Yay ! Anytime now, Rai-ni-san !

HamodyKeyes FT siteAsgail 22:35, August 24, 2016 (UTC)

Wow O__O Your talk seems a good way XD

Yes ! Finally ! Now I can - try - to portable these infoboxes :D

Yeah, I thought that according to the nature of our chat, they might enjoy having these four emoticons, especially the cookie ! ^__^

HamodyKeyes FT siteAsgail 20:15, August 25, 2016 (UTC)

Sorry, something came up, in Template:Character Template (Celestial Spirit) infobox, when you add the Key Color=Black, it shows silver instead, due to it not being added in the template coding, so just add |<div class="pi-data-value black">Black</div> to the "Key Color" line in the template. ^__^

HamodyKeyes FT siteAsgail 21:51, August 25, 2016 (UTC)

The wikia is playing with us so I decided to play along :D And, it didn't work actually XP, it now shows the word "Black" without the black background, try moving it to after the Silver code. And also, capitalize the "M" in "Parent magic" & the "I" in "Parent item" in the Spells template because I am an "Everything must be perfect perosn" XP Plot Armor

(P.S I am not)

HamodyKeyes FT siteAsgail 18:58, August 28, 2016 (UTC)

Ahh.....You know what, I am sorry XP It's just isn't working either ways D: Can you just revert that last edit ? At least it would say that the key is black, even without the bg, because now it's showing sliver all over again. Anyways, thanks for your patience with my....OSD mental breakdown XD (If you can call it that :3)

Aand, I just figured something out, should there be a vote or something to add the four emojis I listed above here ?

HamodyKeyes FT siteAsgail 19:09, August 29, 2016 (UTC)

You mean this MediaWiki:Emoticons :3 ? Which I already linked above Emoticon_tears_of_joy.png ?

HamodyKeyes FT siteAsgail 23:09, September 2, 2016 (UTC)


feeling a little....sassy

HamodyKeyes FT siteAsgail 19:02, September 4, 2016 (UTC)

Saawrry X3 HamodyKeyes FT siteAsgail 19:49, September 5, 2016 (UTC)

That's Markimoo for ya :3 HamodyKeyes FT siteAsgail 19:56, September 5, 2016 (UTC)

Sorry Edit

Sorry about last night, dude. When I got home, I was told my internet was down and there was nothing I could do to fix it. Hopefully it should be fine by the time I get home today (I'm in the office atm) but I'm not sure. I'll message you on Snapchat when I can. King of Uncool 05:45,8/26/2016 

Original Inspiration for the Exceeds? Edit

Hi, I believe I found the original inspiration for what the Exceeds may have been based on in a very old video game series....Lunar: The Silver Star Story by Working Designs.

The character of Nall in that game is winged, flying cat who not only loves fish but has a relationship to dragons as well is the best friend to guy who aspires to be a hero with the powers of dragons as well. He is also able to talk as well.

Considering the game was originally released back during the time of the Sega CD system, it means it predates the fairy tail series by at least a few decades. So it may have been the original inspiration for the Exceed race from fairy tail.

Also if that wasn't enough of a hint, in Lunar: Eternal Blue (the sequel to the first game) Nall makes another a humanoid form (which is similar to the human form of Carla and Pantherlilly's battle form). Also in Lunar: Eternal Blue another winged flying cat character makes an appearance who is also a female, named Ruby.

I seriously doubt its a coincidence, and it may have in fact inspired Hiro Mashima to create the exceeds. Since there are far to many similarities for it to be a mere coincidence.

I thought you might find this interesting, since it really seems to be what they were originally based on.SageM (talk) 22:38, August 28, 2016 (UTC)SageM

Test message Edit

Hey, this is just to test the notifications issue. Feel free to ignore this! Mira Laime @fandom  (help forum | blog) 22:22, September 8, 2016 (UTC)

A Small RequestEdit

Ey Rai :D
Just wanted to ask if it'd be possible for you to change this chat welcome message so it directs other users to read the Chat Policy? Something like; "Welcome to the Fairy Tail Wiki chat. Please take a minute to read our Chat Policy!" ? Thought it'd be a nice touch. Thanks in advance! ^^
DispellingSiegrain ChibiMage11:53,9/10/2016

^I tried putting some stuff there a good day ago, but it still doesn't show in the chat ( ._.) Miskos3 Message 10:31, September 11, 2016 (UTC)

Another request, Rai (or Misk, if you're reading this). I think this little gadget would be a nice yet quite helpful addition to our chat, considering how we have quite a lot of emotes, to be honest. So yeah, if not an issue, please make this possible
DispellingSiegrain ChibiMage11:14,9/12/2016

Thank you Cx DispellingSiegrain ChibiMage16:19,9/12/2016

Where Bunnies FlyEdit

Hey....IamJakuhoRaikoben (wanted to try it out) ! How are you doing this day ?

Sooooo, in here, I asked you about Loke being added in a fight's name, and you answered that he's only added if he appears by himself, well that's is pretty much the case |here, where Lucy had already lost her keys and he (alongside hologrim) appeared and returned them to here. So shouldn't this fight be renamed ? :3

HamodyKeyes FT siteAsgail 19:26, September 11, 2016 (UTC)

Think wisely, your Majesty ^__^.

I always wondered where do bunnies actually fly :3

HamodyKeyes FT siteAsgail 19:37, September 12, 2016 (UTC)

Rai, while you are there, I thought of bringing this to you: some fights do have Manga and Anime differences, for example : Erza Scarlet vs. Azuma (maybe that's the only fight but then again) So should that be a thing ? In all fights ? I mean I know slight differences like X punches Y in the manga while he kicks him in the anime and some side-ways extensions aren't really relevant but for example, and in that very fight against Uosuke I linked, the anime did a whole job to that fight alongside the other Garou Knights fights so what ?

HamodyKeyes FT siteAsgail 00:07, September 16, 2016 (UTC)

We don't do that anymore Miskos3 Message 01:35, September 16, 2016 (UTC)
I see, so does that mean the M&A Differences section in Erza vs. Azuma ^^^ was overseen ?
HamodyKeyes FT siteAsgail 21:24, September 16, 2016 (UTC)

@Cana: Well basically, Wrath said that some of the major FT members pages, where editing as a whole became a problem, needed to be split and he proceeded with that by splitting up Gajeel's page. So me - being the helpful editor that I am XP - asked him about that and he said that the pages that need that were Carla, Laxus, Juvia, Cana, Makarov and Mira (possibly), so I was just carrying out that task. :3

@fight: *Calling from planet Earth to planet Mira*: Uncle Rai ? Are you done yet ? What's the final verdict ? X3

HamodyKeyes FT siteAsgail 21:01, September 21, 2016 (UTC)

OK Uncle Rai, the fight is renamed. Can I ask you to add this :

/* Twilight Ogre */
.pi-theme-magnolia-town .pi-image {
     background-color: #FFFFFF
.pi-theme-magnolia-town .pi-data-label,
.pi-theme-magnolia-town .pi-title,
.pi-theme-magnolia-town .pi-header {
     background-color: #556B2F;
     color: #000000;
.pi-theme-magnolia-town .pi-navigation {
     background-color: #DCDCDC;
.pi-theme-magnolia-town .pi-navigation a,
.pi-theme-magnolia-town .pi-navigation a:link,
.pi-theme-magnolia-town .pi-navigation a:visited {

to the MediaWiki:Themes.css again por faovr ? :3

HamodyKeyes FT siteAsgail 21:50, September 25, 2016 (UTC)


Just letting you know that I'm still alive.
/// c h o k o /// m e s s a g e /// s t a m p : 22:32, 9/13/2016 ///


one, do you consider any of this worthy of trivia on a page, and two what page would it go on? Spriggan 12 or the actual magic page? Volume 56 afterword in English Ncduru 18:02, September 26, 2016 (UTC)

done, feel free to look over it Ncduru 18:26, September 26, 2016 (UTC)

zero arcEdit

yo, just realized after looking at the tags for the episode pages for the Zero arc that Fairy Tail Zero is the canon name of the arc, which is already listed on the page. Don't wanna remove the category myself but can you remove the "unofficially titled page" category from the arc? Good looks bro Ncduru 12:09, October 3, 2016 (UTC)

Oh bet I got what you're saying. I was just saying this cause the episodes titles (like Tartaros arc) start out with the aforementioned Fairy Tail Zero tag, and since it's listed already in the introduction summary I was like "yeah that's the canon name" lol but had to ask anyways. Thanks either way! Ncduru 15:29, October 3, 2016 (UTC)

Hey, couldn't help but barge into this little discussion, but I think we should just call the page 'Fairy Tail Zero (story arc)'. I can't think of specific examples atm, but there are a few times out there where Mashima would use 'Fairy Tail Zero' where the context would imply the arc name is just simply Fairy Tail Zero. Just a little suggestion.--DuelMaster93 (talk) 17:07, October 3, 2016 (UTC)

I don't really see how it does. Fairy Tail Zero can be seen as both a series and story arc, so you can just create one page called 'Fairy Tail Zero (series)' and another called 'Fairy Tail Zero (story arc)', just like how Fairy Tail is both the name of the series and a guild. As long as we put story arc in brackets, I don't see how it could cause any problems. Not all story arcs need the word arc after it (well, at least when it's another series). Just my opinion, but whatever.--DuelMaster93 (talk) 17:25, October 3, 2016 (UTC)

Not too fussed up on it either but I kinda agree with Duel. FT Zero with the kanji is already stated in the intro summary on the arc page is to why I'm not tripping on it but to be 100% proper it makes sense to name the arc "Fairy Tail Zero". It's trivial but hey Ncduru 17:30, October 3, 2016 (UTC)

I know it's necessarily 100% official, but given the anime titles and the context when Mashima would at times refer to Fairy Tail Zero, I do think it's almost debatable if it could be considered the official arc name (I personally think it's obvious it's both the name of the series and arc). But even it isn't, I still think it's better than what we have now, even though it does work. But whatever, I don't really care to fuss over this anymore right now, so have a nice day.--DuelMaster93 (talk) 17:37, October 3, 2016 (UTC)

Boruto Edit

Hi there

I was pondering on whether you have seen Boruto the movie?FT Blue Guild Mark Renderღ••ThunderSnidget••ღFT Blue Guild Mark Render17:42 October 12 2016


yoo jak, when you have a chance can you archive the spoiler thread? But just leave OVA 8's section since it's not out yet? Thanks! Ncduru 09:57, October 13, 2016 (UTC)

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