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December 24, 2008

Hi, welcome to Fairy Tail Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Mystogan page.

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- KyleH (Talk) 02:31, 6 April 2009

Hey, thanks for fixing the mistgun edit, do you mind if i help you with the articles, i occasionally edit the pages but i was wondering if you needed help Umibouzu 03:10, 6 April 2009 (UTC)

If you have free time, you can look up my rpg site, if you want to Umibouzu 03:17, 6 April 2009 (UTC)

Hmm... Edit

Dude, did you even look at the reference I gave for the names? I didn't pull it out of my arse. Also, I left this message:

"According to wikipedia, the spelling of Natsu's surname is incorrect and so is Luxus (it should be Laxus) and Mistgun (it should be Mystogan), etc. I'm not saying 'wikipedia knows all' but in this situation they've taken it from the translations from Del Ray manga and according to volume 2, it's the official English spellings given to them by Mashima and what he intended for them to be (Look here: [1]). Thus I think we should change article titles to match that seen in Del Ray volumes (which wiki uses). But since I've seen this wikia rarely active, I'm going to wait a week for a response before I just do it myself. It's kind of a controversial issue so I hope someone replies... Dalyup! 22:00, 24 March 2009 (UTC)"

If it's official, from Mashima himself and this is supposed to be an 'encyclopedia' of Fairy Tail shouldn't we go by what Mashima said? Admittedly, I shouldn't have acted on my own but I've been, like, the only one doing anything for weeks. Be nice for discussion. Dalyup! 08:12, 6 April 2009 (UTC)

Why would Del Ray lie? It's not like they gain anything from it, and just because it's popular doesn't mean it's correct. Also, what do you mean "it goes by"? Where are the rules for that on this wikia; are you one of the sysops? But, whatever, I'll leave them as they are, and add a note or add a new page about variants of names. Would that be fine? Dalyup! 09:10, 6 April 2009 (UTC)
Sorry, what? Where's the proof behind your grand conspiracy theory that Del Ray simply make up names for the fun of it. Oh, and you still haven't answered my other questions: Why would Del Ray need to lie - seems pointless, wouldn't it? And mind showing me where it was decided where things "go by" on this wikia?
Also, this is completely irrelevant to the discussion we're having, but are you one of the sysops? Dalyup! 19:00, 6 April 2009 (UTC)

Calm Down...Edit

There is no reason to be rude, i was on your side for the scanilation names, but when i changed my opinion you attacked me, it makes it harder to be on your side when your so rude. and cursing doesnt make anything better, so can you please refrain from it and conduct consensus' in a civilized manner. Just cause people dont agree with you isnt a reason to insult them. -Umi

Please StopEdit

Could you please stop reverting the Dragon Slayer page, the trivia is not needed, the Eating part is already stated at the top of the article, and the ages part is pure speculation, nowhere in the manga is any of this stated, and could you stop insulting me on my page, btw your misusing the term narrow minded, because YOU said you wanted the scanlation names for no proper reason other than you liked it that way rather than looking at the evidence, that's narrow minded. Umibouzu 22:46, 29 August 2009 (UTC)

Thats what redirections are for, all the other wikis have them, and seriously stop, the reason why i changed it has nothing to do with it, i was on your side until i thought,WTH! why are we fighting over names?, there was your side

PRO: -There better for the wiki

CON: -Redirections

-You cant deny that there really the names he wanted, i tried to find a counter argument but there really isnt one

i was on your side first, but when you really think about it, there argument made more sense, and we were just being stubborn, and when i changed my side you attacked me for it, the only real problem is that you need to stop being so STUBBORN

PS. NARROW MINDED -a person or persons who cannot see beyond their own set of values and/or will not accept them. Is often related to religious matters, where people cannot accept the other religion's beliefs.

you use Narrow minded improperly, you use it along the lines of, "if they dont see my way, there stupid" which is kinda narrow minded in a way, because im sure anyone would agree that theres nothing wrong with the translated names, we just didnt like them. I felt that was wrong deny people information because i didnt like it, its an encyclopedia, duh ~_~ , so i changed my vote. OH and the use of STUPID doesnt make any argument stronger..... -Umi

Again, thats what the names spellings are for, scalation names can be put there also, and please dont revert articles -UMi

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