aka Kira

  • I live in Somewhere beyond your imagination
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
  • ~Kira~

    Hey guys :D

    I'm new in this wikia, but I know a lot about it :D You see, a user in this wikia is my brother :D But I won't tell you who it is o-o You'll have to find out yourselves (People who know and comment this DON'T SAY Who my brother is ^^ )

    So ... my name is Kira :D I have brown hair and blue eyes :D I am 13 (and a half >:D) and I love drawing and music. I can write too :P :D I have a cat :D It's black :O well, it's my brother's cat, but nevermind :P

    Enough about me :D Let me tell you bout my FT OC :D :D :D

    Her name is Kira (so original! how did i come up with it :O im so amazed!). She is the Snow Princess of Snowville? XD She has Long white hair, dark blue eyes, but they get red when she is sad or angry. She often wears her white dr…

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