• Zzfunk

    Okay here is something I wondered upon discovery the fact that Hiro had other plans for the Tower of Heaven arc, and Trinity Raven were never suppose to exist, could be why we have seen them again.

    Hiro original plan was for Erza's old friends Simon, Wally, Shu, and Milliana to fight the battles that Trinity Raven fought.

    My question is what if Hiro went with this original plan of having Erza's friends fight the battles with our heroes that Trinity Raven ended up fighting?

    Who would have fought who, who's role would they end up playing. At first glance, people would assume Milliana would take Ikaruga role because they are both female, I disagree. I think it would have been Simon. I think he still would have been an double agent and die protec…

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  • Zzfunk

    Okay my first blog post, so please be kind.

    The English dub is now up to the Eclipse Celestial Spirit arc, so I am re living it now and have some thoughts on its, it is a much hated arc among fans, and really didn't have to be. It has so much prudential, in the arc like most Fairy Tail arcs to be fair, started strong or showed great prudential, had a shitty middle part, and ended strong, that is a Fairy Tail arc in a nut shell.

    I liked The Key Of The Starry Sky arc, it has its own problems too, but I enjoyed that more than this arc, and one of the reasons is it felt connected to other arcs and overall story. The Eclipse Celestial Spirit arc was determined to be completely stand alone and have no connection to any other others arc past or fut…

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