Finally, the latest chapter of Fairy Tail is up! This week, Gray goes up against the demon that took away his family; the same demon that Ur sealed away after Gray tried to go after it alone: Deliora.

Manga Panda got to it first, so translations are messed up. Nevertheless, the review will go on.

Gray screams Deliora's name while Deliora challenges him to attack. "Come, Ur's ghost," he says.

o_o? Yeah, something got lost in translation there.

Anyways, Gray attacks Deliora with his ice, creating an ice geyser of sorts underneath the demon who took his father's form. Deliora leaps into the air to avoid this, and responds to Gray's attack with his own. The demon creates multiple ice shards— or are they icicles?— and they all zero in on Gray. He avoids this, only to be met face-to-face with the demon himself. Using his own Ice Magic, Deliora sends Gray flying towards a ruined building. Gray crashes through it and is about to fall— is that a city below him or is it just a really rocky place?— but then he creates an ice platform shaped like a flower to keep from falling. He then creates many of these to jump and bounce off of to get back to Deliora. The demon simply says, "Oh" but I can't help but think he might have acknowledged Gray's creativity. Gray uses his magic to create to cast Ice-Make: Cold Excalibur, which he brings down on Deliora. Ice erupts when he strikes, which makes people think that it might have hit its mark. But this is Fairy Tail we're talking about. Hiro Mashima always trolls us in some way.

And we are correct! In the next panel, which is on the next page, Deliora is laughing his head off. It turns out he caught the ice blade and proceeds to eat it, much to Gray's shock. After he devours it, Deliora tells Gray that Slayers— Gods, Dragons, and Demons— are invincible against any wizard who uses the same elemental magic as them before he continues to laugh. Gray seems to be angry at himself— I think he is— for forgetting such a thing. Deliora goes on to say that he mastered Ice Demon Slaying Magic— not curse, Manga Panda?— because he knew that Ur and her students only used ice.

Meanwhile, we check up on how the others are doing with their own battles. As Juvia battles Keith, the Skeleton Monk says that Mard Geer— I honestly hate the name change— acknowledged Deliora's power and made him a Nine Demon Gate because of it. He proceeds to make a wave of darkness erupt in a line to attack Juvia, but Fairy Tail's water user dodges it. She then asks him why a demon— according to Manga Panda, she says wizard— that can defeat demons enter a guild filled with them. While we see Natsu and Gajeel against Tempesta and Torafusa, Keith responds that whether he joined because of Mard Geer, or if he joined to keep the other demons in check, he was still accepted by Mard. In the next panel, we see Juvia worrying for her Gray-sama.

Speaking of Gray, he has ice protruding from his body as a result of Deliora's ice attacks on him. Something got lost in translation, but Deliora relishes in Gray's pained face. The demon then taunts him, going on about how it'll be Lyon's turn to die after him, and how he'll kill off his friends one by one. Gray practically tells him shut up and not to use his father's voice and body. He uses Ice-Make: Ice Impact to land another hit on Deliora, but the demon reminds him that it will never work as he eats the ice. Deliora responds again with an Ice Demon Slayer Spell— finally, and I thought he was all talk— which Manga Panda translates as Ice Demon's Rage.

Gray is sent flying and Deliora laughs again. As Gray struggles to stand, he remembers his father— the real Silver Fullbuster, not the demon who uses his late father's body— laughing before he tells Gray to become stronger. Strengthened by the memory of his real father, Gray rises on his feet, declaring that he will defeat the demon at all costs. One of Deliora's eyes is unusually larger than the other as he reminds Gray that as long as they both use ice, Gray can never win.

Undaunted by this, Gray creates a cannon and fires something at Deliora. The demon comments on his stupidity, only to be hit in the face by a piece of debris.

I just had to laugh at that.

Gray creates more cannons that fire materials that Deliora can't eat. Deliora praises his ingenuity before he proceeds to freeze their surroundings.

It almost looks like Gray is smiling as he observes the scene. I think he is: Manga Panda messes up artwork along with translations. Deliora mocks him, saying that he can't use neutral objects anymore. With a smile, Gray tells the demon that he just prepared his own funeral. While Deliora wonders what he's talking about, Gray says that he used the same magic that froze the entire Sun Village. Having manipulated it twice— once to beat Doriate, again to free Atlas Flame— Gray prepares to manipulate it a third time. Again, Deliora has no idea what he means, so Gray explains that while Slayers are invincible against wizards with the same type of magic, they can't counter against their own magic. We then see a flashback of Natsu, who tells whoever he's speaking with that he can't eat his own flames.

Deliora finally realizes what he means, but by then, Gray has already manipulated his own magic and uses it against the demon. But Deliora survives— why doesn't Demon Slaying Magic work on him?! He knows that he can't eat his own magic, but he's still invincible against ice. As the chapter ends, Deliora asks Gray if he's finally remembered the terror he felt before him— does he mean his demon form?

So this week, we finally got a look at a Demon Slaying spell, just when I was thinking it wasn't real. Gray vs. Deliora was the main focus whereas the others were sideshows. From what it said at the end, it seems like Gray might be forced to use Iced Shell.I can't help but think that as he prepares to use it, someone's going to intervene and keep him from using it.

Cough *Natsu* Cough! Ah-choo *Lyon*! Who knows? We'll just have to wait for next week.

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