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    Finally, the latest chapter of Fairy Tail is up! This week, Gray goes up against the demon that took away his family; the same demon that Ur sealed away after Gray tried to go after it alone: Deliora.

    Manga Panda got to it first, so translations are messed up. Nevertheless, the review will go on.

    Gray screams Deliora's name while Deliora challenges him to attack. "Come, Ur's ghost," he says.

    o_o? Yeah, something got lost in translation there.

    Anyways, Gray attacks Deliora with his ice, creating an ice geyser of sorts underneath the demon who took his father's form. Deliora leaps into the air to avoid this, and responds to Gray's attack with his own. The demon creates multiple ice shards— or are they icicles?— and they all zero in on Gray. He a…

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