• Zoro's Bankai

    Hi this is my first ever blog and its a disscasstion about the current arc, during my personal theory im going by the assumption more ishgar guils will join the fray. I think alot of fights will 2 or more vs 1,

    Natsu vs 6th strongest,

    Gray & juvia vs 4th strongest,

    Erza & jellal vs 1st strongest,

    Twin ds vs 5th strongest,

    Laxus vs 3rd strongest,

    Wendy & cheria vs 8th strongest,

    Jura vs 7th strongest,

    Guilarts vs 2nd strongest

    Lucy,yukino and angel vs 9th strongest,

    Mira & lissana vs 10th strongest

    Gajeel vs 11th strongest,

    Minerva vs 12th strongest.

    These fights i belive be when ishgar win i think others will lose first. This list also assume the 12 are near enough equal so evan tho people like gajeel are against lower ones they are still extremly pow…

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