Well this the extra story of Jerza that i made since the spoiler make Jerza fan cries. This blog created for Jerza Fan (i'm not really interested on Jerza). Sorry for bad story, cause i'm kinda lazy to do it~ Also, scroll down slowly to make it more enjoyable




Jellal confess to Erza what he feels, and both of them decided to go to become a forever long time couple.

  • Jellal:"Erza... since you're always stay by my side and give me the meaning of life. Would you like to become my wife and stay by my side forever?"
  • Erza:"Jellal, you know that i have waiting the time that you gonna confess me one day and i believe that we have been fated to be a couple"


few weeks later~


Both of them married at X791 and they become 1 pair of forever love.

  • Erza:"Jellal... I'm so happy that you want to married me. Can u stay by my side for forever as long you are alive?"
  • Jellal:"Erza, there's no way that i refuse your request"

~Jellal kiss Erza~

Jellal ~

few years later~

  • Jellal: "Erza, i must go.."
  • Erza: "You said you always stand at my side fore-"
  • Erza & Jellal fall and~
  • Jellal: "Erza..."
  • Erza: "Jellal..."
  • Jellal: "You're always at my side, and its not like i can't stand it, but i want you to live happily without worrying about me"
  • Erza: "I would miss you, but don't forget about me, okay?"
  • Jellal: "I won't forget you, but i wan-"
  • Erza kiss Jellal
  • Erza: "You better be back with safe" *erza crying*
  • Jellal: "I'm sure i will be back with safely and we will meet again one day and live together again"

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