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Name Pic Meaning Notes
Andromeda Andromeda (mythological character)
Antlia Air Pump
Apus Probably [1] Bird-of-paradise
Aquarius - Close up
Water Bearer Aquarius is a mermaid carrying a jug of water. Lucy considers Aquarius her strongest Spirit, even after she got Loke's key.
Aquila Eagle
Ara Altar
Aries - Close up
Ram Aries is a timid female with horns at the top of her head much like a ram. She has white and fluffy clothes, like a sheep. Her Magic deals with using wool attacks to relax her opponents in combat so they will not fight back.
Auriga Charioteer
Boötes Herdsman
Caelum A
Chisel It appears as more of an item than a being which takes three different forms to attack.
Camelopardalis Probably [2] Giraffe
Cancer secon prop
Crab Cancer has a crab-claw hairstyle with six crab legs coming out of his back. He wields a pair of scissors that he uses for attacking and haircuts.
Canes Venatici Hunting Dogs
Canis Major Greater Dog
Canis Minor
Lesser Dog Nikora (or Plue, which Lucy named) is a cute, yet small creature. Nikora takes up hardly any Magic power when summoned, stated by Lucy.
Capricornus Sea Goat
Carina Keel
Cassiopeia Cassiopeia (mythological character)
Centaurus Centaur
Cepheus Cepheus (mythological character)
Cetus Sea Monster (later interpreted as a whale)
Chamaeleon Probably [3] Chamaeleon
Circinus Compass (drawing tool)
Columba Probably [4] Dove
Coma Berenices Berenice's Hair
Corona Australis Probably [5] Southern Crown
Corona Borealis Probably [6] Northern Crown
Corvus Crow
Crater Cup
Crux thinking
Southern Cross Crux is a human like cross, with a mustache and cross shaped nose. Crux has a lot of information about all Celestial Spirits and their masters, either in the present or in the past.
Cygnus Probably [7] Swan
Delphinus Probably [8] Dolphin
Dorado Gold Fish
Draco Dragon
Equuleus Pony
Eridanus River Eridanus (mythology)
Fornax Probably [9] Chemical Furnace
Gemini - Close up
Twins "Gemi" and "Mini" are two little Spirits that can transform into anyone perfectly and replicate both their thoughts and Magic.
Grus Probably [10] Crane
Hercules Hercules (mythological character)
Horologium Avatar
Pendulum Clock Horologium is a large grandfather clock. Horologium has combat and non-combat uses.
Hydra Hydra (mythological creature)
Hydrus Lesser water snake
Indus Indian (American indigenous)
Lacerta Lizard
Loke - Close up
Lion Leo appears as a man in a designer suit with his hair in the form of a lion's mane. He uses the Magic Regulus for combat.
Leo Minor Probably [11] Lesser Lion
Lepus Probably [12] Hare
Libra PP
Balance Libra is a young woman in a dancer's outfit who hides her face behind a veil and wears each half of a set of balancing scales on each hand. Libra uses Gravity Change to alter her opponents weight.
Lupus Probably [13] Wolf
Lynx Lynx
Lyra - Close up
Lyra/ Harp Lyra wears a bonnet and dress. She also has wings on her back, she has the ability to sing beautiful songs, she mostly sings about emotions, but she does take requests.
Mensa Table Mountain (South Africa)
Microscopium Microscope
Monoceros Unicorn
Musca Fly
Norma Carpenter's level
Octans Octant
Ophiucus PP
Serpent-bearer Ophiuchus is an enormous serpent with a metal-lined jaw.
Orion Orion (mythological character)
Pavo Probably [14] Peacock
Pegasus Pegasus (mythological winged horse)
Perseus Perseus (mythological character)
Phoenix Phoenix
Pictor Probably [15] Easel
Piscis Austrinus Probably [16] Southern fish
Puppis Poop Deck
Pyxis Avatar
Mariner's compass Pyxis looks like a penguin with a big round face. It has a compass on top of its head.
Reticulum Eyepiece graticule
Sagitta Arrow
Sagittarius prof
Archer Sagittarius is a man wearing a horse costume much to Lucy's surprise with a great skill in archery.
Scorpius Scorpion
Sculptor Sculptor
Scutum Probably [17] Shield (of Sobieski)
Serpens Snake
Sextans Sextant
Taurus Avatar
Bull Taurus is a minotaur with black and white splotched skin, a nose ring and a black speedo, and belt. He wields a giant two-bladed axe.
Telescopium Probably [18] Telescope
Triangulum Probably [19] Triangle
Triangulum Australe Probably [20] Southern triangle
Tucana Toucan
Ursa Major Probably [21] Great bear
Ursa Minor Probably [22] Lesser Bear
Vela Sails
Virgo - Close up
Virgin/ Maiden Virgo has a normal black and white maid outfit, with chained shackles around her wrist. She has the ability to dig holes underground.
Volans Probably [23] Flying Fish
Vulpecula Probably [24] Fox

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