• Zero Eclipse

    Imitatia Clone

    August 18, 2012 by Zero Eclipse

    Well, as we know Imitatia is an impostor and she can copy/ imitate anyone. But, isn't she look alike like Lujei from GrimGrimoire? Although they have difference on their color (Imitatia:Black, Lujei:Blue).Imitatia on the Left and Lujei on the right.

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  • Zero Eclipse

    Secret Code

    June 24, 2012 by Zero Eclipse


    1001 - 00 - 1001 00 1001 - 1001 1001 -- 00 0001 - 00 1001 - 00 - 1001 0001 00 00 00 - 1001 1001 0001

    1001 0001 - 0001 00

    1001 00 1001 - 1001 1001 00 - 1001 00 0001 - 1001 0001 00 00 00 - 0001 - 1001 1001 0001

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  • Zero Eclipse

    Fairy Tail Cafe

    June 20, 2012 by Zero Eclipse

    |collapsed = yes }}

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  • Zero Eclipse

    Well this the extra story of Jerza that i made since the spoiler make Jerza fan cries. This blog created for Jerza Fan (i'm not really interested on Jerza). Sorry for bad story, cause i'm kinda lazy to do it~ Also, scroll down slowly to make it more enjoyable

    Jellal confess to Erza what he feels, and both of them decided to go to become a forever long time couple.

    • Jellal:"Erza... since you're always stay by my side and give me the meaning of life. Would you like to become my wife and stay by my side forever?"
    • Erza:"Jellal, you know that i have waiting the time that you gonna confess me one day and i believe that we have been fated to be a couple"

    few weeks later~

    Both of them married at X791 and they become 1 pair of forever love.

    • Erza:"Jellal..…

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  • Zero Eclipse

    Birthday Calendar

    June 18, 2012 by Zero Eclipse

    Welcome to my Birthday Calendar blog, leave your b-day date at the comment. ~ For anyone who have birthday and i haven't say happy birthday to he/she/it(Chaos) yet, i'm sorry~ Affinity list: Know your affinity. PS: One day can contains 3 people, try to open this page 5 times with different tabs to see the differences.

    ♥ Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Okt Nov Dec






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