Spoiler Alert(Not) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Did Marin just showed up early in the Anime?

If you have watch the latest episode, then you at least notice that Lisanna was using her Cat Soul and Natsu was wearing the cloak that Silver gave in the Manga but not in the ANIME because Lisanna had no clothes (well Natsu and Erza too because Tartarus treats humans less than inssects).

Now if you watch a particular scene where Lisanna leaves Natsu to find Mira, you could notice that when Natsu attacked the enemy he was only wearing the cloth Silver gave Lisanna in the MANGA.

What the hell happened to their CLOTHES if Natsu was wearing Pants last episode? It just disappeared? Now that the censorship is over they would return to what really happened in the manga? If so, What a great Excuse. Also, wouldn't it confuse anime only viewers that don't know what happened in the manga.

One last note, They would not censor it if they something to cover even if it is very revealing like the tentacles that was attached to Mira and Minerva, the birth of Neo Minerva who has a VERY revealing outfit that they did not bother change.

I want to know what you think about the changes. :)

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