Just watched Episode 133, here's what I think about it :

We learn that there are five more clock hands and bringing all 6 together would cause chaos. Sounds like some other anime series plot xD. The group also splits into 5 to get to the five remaining clock hands and probably each one of the Legion Corps members will go on one of the teams.

Team Natsu (Natsu, Romeo, Michelle, Lucy and Happy) - On a ship to get to some desert ruins. Dan Straight might go after them since Natsu and Romeo are fighting him in the opening and they're with Lu-Chan/Lu-lu/Lu-pi and etc.

Fairy Tail's First Love Triangle (Juvia, Gray and Lyon) - Juvia and Gray start out alone but then Lyon comes and stops Juvia's fantasy of having a family with Gray...too bad xD. Sugarboy might go after them since it's like that in the opening and the preview for the next episode.

Team Take Over Siblings (Lisanna, Mirajane and Elfman) - We see them in the episode cooking at the right place at the right time. Or not....xD . Mary Hughes might face them and control Mirajane.

Team Picnic/Natsu B Erza (Erza, Cana, wendy and Carla) - Going safely in the grassland but having a picnic chaos xD. Erza's first picnic LOL

Team Shadow Gear (Gajeel, Pantherlily , Levy, Droy, Jet) - Shadow Gear with Gajeel and Pantherlily. Gajeel training in the waterfall was awesome and Pantherlily + lightning... LOL

What did you guys think of the episode? Also the title for the next episode is Labyrinths Rhapsody :D

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