First of all I'll be stating my thoughts on each character of the "Reborn Oracion Seis"

Jackpot - Was kinda surprised at first that he was a member. Oracion Seis got a mascot against Fairy Tail's Happy and Legion Corps' Samuel but meh. I like the fact that he's "evil cute" of some sort and he can like put any picture he wants on his slot machine magic xD.

Angel - She became more epic, sexy and awesome. Only thing I don't like is her "Angel Magic" because I wanted to see more Celestial Spirits more powerful than gold(look at Ophiuchus xD) and Caelum to return. Just hope that she still uses it because using two magic is kinda common to some of the characters.

Midnight - How can I describe his looks..."girly male" since he's still male xD? After the 7 years he became OP since now he can use Darkness Magic, Teleporation Magic and Reflector Magic. Also the Brain II thing seems kinda familiar.

Racer - I wonder why did he need to wear a body suit and become a speedy roach o.O . Since most of Oracion Seis got new magic, I guess he's simultaneously using High Speed and Slowing Magic and thats why he's uber fast.

Cobra - He now looks cooler and he got stronger. Dunno what else to say xD

Erigor - Woah. I like his Grim Reaper concept and he REALLY got more powerful. Out words here too.

Is it just me or anyone else noticed all of the magic's and stuff they do involve explosions or AoE or something? Dunno. Ichiya waking up Natsu was just scary o.O but I like Blue Pegasus' place and the new Cristina. From what it seems now

Oracion Seis : 6 Members Erigor, Jackpot , Cobra, Angel, Racer, Midnight

Legion Corps : 5 Members (Because Coco got removed and will get punished and stuff :( ) Byro, Hughes, Sugarboy, Samuel, Dan

Fairy Tail : 5 Members (counting Happy xD and theyre the only ones riding Cristina) Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Happy

Which of these 3 factions do you guys think will win now? xD. Also looking forward to more Oracion Seis and Legion Corps fights because enemies fighting another enemies just kinda seems pleasing to see xD.

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