Just saw about the new stuff in the anime..and woah there were ALOT of new stuff. The biggest one was that Oracion Seis is back and stronger O.o along with new characters. So lets see...

Fairy Tail VS. Legion Corps VS. Oracion Seis?

Thats gonna be a BIG war >.<

Fairy Tail members (obvious) Oracion Seis Reborn members : Cobra , Angel , Racer , Midnight , Jackpot & Grim Reaper (I think xD) Legion Corps Members : Samuel , Dan, Mary Hughes, Sugarboy, Byro, Coco, Archbishop, Green Giraffe, Kanaloa and the other new guy.

Lots of questions already come to mind but the biggest is, how will the arc turn out? What do you guys think? xD

(Sorry if this looks crappy, not good in making blogs xD)

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