As you guys see before all the 1 vs 1 vs 1 shenanigans (Fairy Tail vs. Legion Corps vs. Oracion Seis), the arc started out simple but the opening showed that there would be alot that would happen in the arc and here were the many plots that I think/thought would/did happen based on Opening 11 and some info :

- A new character would be shown (Michelle) and would bring Lucy something from her father (part of the Infinity Clock) and it would be about her discovering why her father left that.

- Kinana's backstory and who the old guy in that opening is. Now, the old guy was shown to be the Archbishop of Zentopia and we have yet to learn how he is related to her.

- A creepy teddy bear destroying churches and Lahar stopping them.

- The Jiggly Butt Gang. Apparently, they were introduced in a filler filler episode (In a filler episode which is not related to the filler main plot of the filler arc. Understand? xD) and didn't affect much the main filler plot aside from being additional villains and being disgusting.

- What we thought to be Cobra (Dan Straight) and like we all speculated, the Earth Land counterparts of the Edolas Royal Army and all of them are affiliated with Legion Corps. The opening showed Dan Straight (whose armor is kinda on Dorma Anim, well at least to me) battling Natsu and Romeo, Lucy with the memento, running away from Earth Land Coco, Earth Land Sugarboy battling the synchronized strippers and Juvia, forming the first OFFICIAL love triangle on Fairy Tail xD and the Take Over Siblings battling a Hughes with boobs (I'm sure this was everyone's reaction when the opening was first shown xDD) who appears to be controlling Mirajane. Also since the Edolas Royal Army has an Exceed (Pantherlily), Legion Corps also has their own exceed and they're rivals :3. Also Byro who seems to be the complete opposite of his Edolas counterpart. With the opening, I kinda already predicted what the fights would be xD.

Now, that Oracion Seis was introduced the arc kept on getting bigger and bigger, I mean there are more new characters being introduced. From Opening 12, I can say these are the plots/stuff that will happen and some info

- Repeating what I stated above, Oracion Seis is back and Reborn literally with a kinda new name and with two new members Erigor who is now known as the Grim Reaper and the creepy teddy bear who was earlier introduced and thought to just be related to a minor subplot, Jackpot. All of them, like before, unliterally RAPED Fairy Tail again and this time with some Legion Corps people. Racer turned into a speedy roach, Cobra improved his Sound Magic and uses it along with his Poison Dragon Slayer skills, Midnight turning into a Brain wannabee, even calling himself Brain II and learning Darkness Magic (but not to be underestimated because using Reflector along with a offensive magic is really OP o.O), Erigor learning Lightning Magic and using it in conjunction with his Wind Magic literally making storms and Jackpot using Slot Magic (Another magic with a variety, like Celestial Spirit Magic, Solid Script, The Knight, Card Magic and many many more)

There's also Angel creating her own magic and naming it after her (Well not really, but a magic named after yourself is LOL. Kinda like Celestial Spirit Magic but instead of one item to summon a specific entity (Gate Keys for Spirits), it uses "magic coins" to summon the beings and they just vary on cost. Also wondering if the Angels are just like "one-hit attackers" making it only spells or if they're like Celestial Spirits, able to stay for more than 5 seconds on the battlefield and able to be commanded and respond to the summoner) (Really need to stop expressing my personal opinion here because its too long XD)

- About Fairy Tail getting the Infinity Clock from Oracion Seis and Fairy Tail vs. Oracion Seis vs. Legion Corps. Kinda wanna see Legion Corps vs. Oracion Seis epic fights because enemies battling other enemies jsust seems cool in my opinion xD.

- Related to the above, about finding out who Michelle really is and what did Lucy's father wanted to tell her. Personally, I don't think Michelle is a villain and all of the emotions and feelings that she shows to everyone and also her being related to Lucy are true but she has some sort of "mission", dunno if good or bad then she will depart (like in the opening, sadly)

- Related to Oracion Seis, Kinana's backstory and about what will happen to her, which is of course related to Cobra.

- Many more characters being introduced and already introduced appearing, like the green square headed giraffe and the scary glasses priest on Legion Corps and a mysterious girl with a green Plue.

- Related to the Key of the Starry Heavens which is related to the Infinity Clock, about some guy named Will Neville and his disciples (One of the disciples could be the girl I stated above xD)

Ok, after all that, moving to the second line up of fights. What do you guys think of the teams? If you werent informed, the teams are

  • Bickslow & Wendy
  • Gray & Freed
  • Erza & Evergreen & Max
  • Juvia & Gajeel
  • Happy, Carla & Pantherlily
  • Natsu, Lucy, Elfman & Michelle

Wonder what happened to people like Mirajane and Lisanna. Personally, I have no preferences on who should be paired up with who and who should fight who but all I can say is it made no sense to me why they reduced the characters that are going to fight. There are SO MANY opponents that they have if we count Legion Corps and Oracion Seis individually that they could kinda use nearly everyone in Fairy Tail and maybe even people from other guilds to fight with them. Individually, here are the enemies to fight

Legion Corps

  • Byro
  • Kanaloa
  • Samuel
  • Mary Hughes
  • Sugarboy
  • Dan Straight
  • Guttman
  • Rapowant (He could join xD)

Oracion Seis

  • Cobra
  • Racer
  • Angel
  • Jackpot
  • Brain II
  • Grim Reaper

With that, here is my preference list of teams that I made up trying to use nearly every character on Fairy Tail so everyone can have screen time xD. Don't think these match ups are good, theyre totally random but oddly just want lots of characters to be included in the fights

Start Fights

  • Evergreen & Elfman VS. Sugarboy
  • Freed & Bickslow VS Erigor
  • Happy, Carla & Pantherlily VS Samuel
  • Gajeel & Juvia VS Guttman
  • Lucy, Erza & Michelle VS Dan Straight
  • Jet, Droy & Freed Vs. Sugarboy
  • Alzack & Bisca VS. Jackpot
  • Gildarts and Laki VS. Unknown Randoms

Continuation of Fights

  • Lisanna, Cana & Levy VS. Mary Hughes
  • Erza, Mirajane & Evergreen VS Angel
  • Gajeel & Laxus VS. Cobra
  • Wendy and Romeo VS. Kanaloa occuring at the same time with

Natsu, Laxus & Gildarts VS. Byro Vs. Midnight (A man can dream can't he? xD)

Like I said, just made it randomly to include many characters. I think you guys can make better matchups xD. Anyways, what do you guys think of the arc right now? You can even post your own team preferences if you want xD . Also if you skipped this whole blog because it seems like a crappy wall of text, sorry but not used to making blogs but I'll improve next time xD.

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