Episode 143 was what I could say, one of the most mysterious, sad and even creepy episodes.

On The Battles

  • Gray and Freed go on some ice cave and battle Angel who uses some cupid angel that has Sugarboy's hair and uses pigs for sunlight. If on Fairy Tail Dan likes Lucy, Angel of ROS is his new obsession xD.
  • Erza, Evergreen and Max battle Cobra and are easily losing because of Cobra's Sound Magic and mind reading skills which is a mild form of sexual harassment according to Evergreen XD.
  • Bickslow and Wendy finish their fight with Erigor by Wendy using Sky Dragon's Roar. Plus Cure.
  • Doranbolt/Mest battles Racer and it was epic. Zigzags VS Lines. Teleportation VS Slowing Magic (and coincidentally they do not directly make them both faster xD). Also Katja was there and we get to see Caelum again even if its not from angel.
  • Natsu, Lucy and Elfman's attacks still have no effect on Jackpot. Kinda reminds me of something

On The Plots And Stories

  • Cobra blames Fairy Tail for taking away his Cubelios before he was able to kill/say goodbye to her. xD
  • We see Grim Reaper remembering about his old life as Erigor. Makes me feel nostalgic. I hope we get to see some flashbacks of how he ended up in Oracion Seis (and got bald. xD)
  • Doranbolt still carrying the guilt that he wasn't able to save Fairy Tail, especially Wendy and him remembering her because of Katja was seriously sad. :( . At least he was able to save Katja and now try to move on with his life and live in the present.
  • Gildarts and Laki discover a girl. The real Michelle. Creepy. Also kinda sad when your thinking who is the Michelle with Lucy and why is she there. Brings up the question, why did everyone on the Lobster Plantation die? Or became undead. Who is that impostor Michelle? Is she a robot? o.O
  • We also get to see of course some stuff about the main plot which is about Zentopia and ROS both wanting their own versions of the end of the world and Fairy Tail and Legion Corps badly losing to ROS. I wonder what is that Anti-Link thing, and how is it related to Will Neville which is related to the Key of the Starry Heavens which is related to the Infinity Clock which will lead to the end of the world? xD

What do you guys think?

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