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    Episode 143

    August 11, 2012 by ZenonR11

    Episode 143 was what I could say, one of the most mysterious, sad and even creepy episodes.

    On The Battles

    • Gray and Freed go on some ice cave and battle Angel who uses some cupid angel that has Sugarboy's hair and uses pigs for sunlight. If on Fairy Tail Dan likes Lucy, Angel of ROS is his new obsession xD.
    • Erza, Evergreen and Max battle Cobra and are easily losing because of Cobra's Sound Magic and mind reading skills which is a mild form of sexual harassment according to Evergreen XD.
    • Bickslow and Wendy finish their fight with Erigor by Wendy using Sky Dragon's Roar. Plus Cure.
    • Doranbolt/Mest battles Racer and it was epic. Zigzags VS Lines. Teleportation VS Slowing Magic (and coincidentally they do not directly make them both faster xD). Also…
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  • ZenonR11

    As you guys see before all the 1 vs 1 vs 1 shenanigans (Fairy Tail vs. Legion Corps vs. Oracion Seis), the arc started out simple but the opening showed that there would be alot that would happen in the arc and here were the many plots that I think/thought would/did happen based on Opening 11 and some info :

    - A new character would be shown (Michelle) and would bring Lucy something from her father (part of the Infinity Clock) and it would be about her discovering why her father left that.

    - Kinana's backstory and who the old guy in that opening is. Now, the old guy was shown to be the Archbishop of Zentopia and we have yet to learn how he is related to her.

    - A creepy teddy bear destroying churches and Lahar stopping them.

    - The Jiggly Butt Ga…

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    First of all I'll be stating my thoughts on each character of the "Reborn Oracion Seis"

    Jackpot - Was kinda surprised at first that he was a member. Oracion Seis got a mascot against Fairy Tail's Happy and Legion Corps' Samuel but meh. I like the fact that he's "evil cute" of some sort and he can like put any picture he wants on his slot machine magic xD.

    Angel - She became more epic, sexy and awesome. Only thing I don't like is her "Angel Magic" because I wanted to see more Celestial Spirits more powerful than gold(look at Ophiuchus xD) and Caelum to return. Just hope that she still uses it because using two magic is kinda common to some of the characters.

    Midnight - How can I describe his looks..."girly male" since he's still male xD? After…

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    Just saw about the new stuff in the anime..and woah there were ALOT of new stuff. The biggest one was that Oracion Seis is back and stronger O.o along with new characters. So lets see...

    Fairy Tail VS. Legion Corps VS. Oracion Seis?

    Thats gonna be a BIG war >.<

    Fairy Tail members (obvious) Oracion Seis Reborn members : Cobra , Angel , Racer , Midnight , Jackpot & Grim Reaper (I think xD) Legion Corps Members : Samuel , Dan, Mary Hughes, Sugarboy, Byro, Coco, Archbishop, Green Giraffe, Kanaloa and the other new guy.

    Lots of questions already come to mind but the biggest is, how will the arc turn out? What do you guys think? xD

    (Sorry if this looks crappy, not good in making blogs xD)

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    Just watched Episode 133, here's what I think about it :

    We learn that there are five more clock hands and bringing all 6 together would cause chaos. Sounds like some other anime series plot xD. The group also splits into 5 to get to the five remaining clock hands and probably each one of the Legion Corps members will go on one of the teams.

    Team Natsu (Natsu, Romeo, Michelle, Lucy and Happy) - On a ship to get to some desert ruins. Dan Straight might go after them since Natsu and Romeo are fighting him in the opening and they're with Lu-Chan/Lu-lu/Lu-pi and etc.

    Fairy Tail's First Love Triangle (Juvia, Gray and Lyon) - Juvia and Gray start out alone but then Lyon comes and stops Juvia's fantasy of having a family with Gray...too bad xD. Su…

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