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  • I was born on September 20
  • My occupation is being loved by a little bee
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    April 25, 2012 by Yuuka juvia

    Konbawa, Ohayou , Konnichiwa , whatever the time !, did you know Yuuki FairyTail ?, if you know good , she is my twin sister , im her older sister , Yuuki get a cancer blood right ?, now she in Singapore now , ican't go because my parents doesn't let me , thank you for being my sister firend , this is her first time she has a friend , i heard from her , her friend is NijiSakura , UltraPrime , Remnant17 , Tutles , MagicalKey , GuilhermeAbe , MangaFanGirl, FairyTailGrandMaster , and many more , thanks for be my sister friend ... she very happy now but a now she get a cancer ... hope she didn't go ... if you re my sister friend you will be comment in this below

    Yuuka Juvia

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