Okay I love Mira and I like Laxus. They are both pretty strong and awesome but I honestly don't know who would win. Mirajane has Satan Soul(or demon soul as I like to call it) and theres lots of forms. She even has a Seliah form! Laxus is strong too. He can withstand Bane Particles long enough to fight Tempester. If full power Mirajane and full power Laxus faced off who do you think would win? I REALLY want to say Mira but I also want to say Laxus. Demon Soul vs a Dragon Slayer(I like Laxus but he's basically a fake dragon slayer). Please I want answers and I want to know your reasons too! Some of you might think I nuts for asking this question but I just had to ask. I want to see your responses!

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