I like how on the chapter cover Lucy's cup is covering Carla's mouth.

Anyway Irene uses yet another spell and it makes their troops stronger. Makarov then tries to use Fairy Law. As soon as I saw that I thought "What? You're bringing it out now?" Well now I know why he didn't use it. Apparently if you're trying to cast Fairy Law on a large amount of enemies then it will take away some of your life or even all of it. I guess that makes sense. I mean Mavis used Law and it had a negative(If you see it that way) effect on her...

And yeah...Makarov uses Fairy Law... Maybe Mashima didn't want anyone else to die because he had already planned out the death of Makarov.

I thought that what he said to Mavis was a bit much. She sees them as friends not "soldiers"...

They also showed Gray and Natsu for a bit. Their fight seems to have stopped due to the supposed death of Makarov.

He's a somewhat perverted character but when it calls for it he's willing to sacrifice himself for his family. R.I.P. Makarov (Hey it does seem like he actually died.)

So anyway I thought this chapter was good. What about you guys? Your opinions?

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