I'll just be starting right away for this one...

Gray and Natsu start to battle it out. It seems that Gray certainly isn't going to change his mind. Despite the fact that he knows Natsu is E.N.D. he still wants to kill him. Natsu doesn't stop either. It makes sense though. They both have goals and they're willing to even fight each other just to succeed.

Oh yeah and Gray still thinks that Juvia is dead... Just wait until he finds out that she didn't really die... Did Natsu think that Lucy died too though?

It also appears that Irene has activated a new spell of some sort. I've got to admit it seems kinda weird. I mean what would you do if you saw a giant eye in the sky?

Right after the eye shows up we see a huge Mavis illusion. I didn't see that coming. And it was just to lift everyone's spirits... That's nice but when I saw her standing there I didn't think that all she would do was cheer up everyone.

The name of the next chapter is "Trump Card". Just what(or maybe who)is the Trump Card?

What did you guys think about this chapter? Any thoughts?

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