Ok this chapter was entirely about Dimaria, Natsu, and Lucy so... I'm just gonna get started.

Dimaria must have a thing for humiliating people. I believe this the 2nd time she has torn the clothes off of someone. Oh yeah and of course Dimaria starts threatening Lucy with torture. She's another one of those villains.

Anyway Natsu comes to Lucy's rescue before Dimaria gouges her eyes out and boom with one hit she's out for the count!

Natsu disappears and somehow he meets Gray. And based on what Porlyusica said it appears that E.N.D. has awakened. I mean she did say "a sinster demonic power" so it has to be E.N.D since it's a demon and all. Plus even Dimaria said so...

I'm very curious now. What will happen to Natsu and Gray?

I thought this chapter was cool. What are your thoughts?

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