I might be a bit late with this. Sorry.

Ok so Mavis somehow managed to trick Irene and Zeref and get away from them. Then Mest all of a sudden finds her. I guess Mest will be able to do something to make up for the thing he did with Brandish. Or maybe at least try...

Levy finally met up with Gajeel after she thought he died so that's good. I'm a Gale shipper so you guys should already know that I was happy. Then the little goofy part with Levy kicking him was cool too.

And then Zera's back...for a bit. I'm glad she was able to be useful and help them get back to the guild. I'm not saying that she was useless though...

Man what's up with Natsu's tumor...? I had totally forgot about it until they mentioned it last chapter and now they're saying that it's worse then what they thought it was!? What the heck is it? People are saying that E.N.D. is going to awaken inside of Natsu or something like that...

What do you guys think?

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