Before I start I just want to say 2 things:

1. Sorry for the somewhat late chapter review/update

2. I probably should have known that Juvia wasn't going to stay dead. I mean a lot of characters who where supposed to die didn't die or at least they didn't stay dead. I have no problem with it though. I'm just wondering who will be the person to stay dead.

Anyway Brandish says that she's still going to fight on the side of Alvarez and all that. She's helped them and now she's just going to go back to the enemy's side. Well that's kinda flip-floppy but whatever.

Mirajane and that guy(IDK is his name Jacob?) are still fighting. I wonder how that will turn out...

Natsu and Neinhart are fighting...well more like were fighting... It seemed like Neinhart got his butt beat pretty bad. Just how much of a 'power/strength' boost did Neinhart get? Was he even around Natsu's strength in the first place? It sure did seem like Natsu was the stronger one but whatever...

Gray and Invel resume their fight. Invel brings out his supposed big guns and...nothing happens. Well not really he did get beat up though. At that moment I didn't know Juvia was going to come back(which like I said earlier I should have known) so seeing Invel getting beat up actually made me happy. My thoughts were something like "Yeah Gray beat em up!".

And...oh my gosh Invel revealed that Natsu was E.N.D. Natsu didn't even know that he was E.N.D for goodness sake but now Gray knows! Uh oh... How will this affect their friendship? Will Gray decide not to kill Natsu even though he's E.N.D.? Will he put aside the fact that Natsu is his friend and kill him? Will they have an all out death battle and see who's left standing? Or...will E.N.D. somehow get separated from Natsu? Yeah I know that the last one may sound crazy but meh I'm not 100% sure what's gonna happen.

What are your opinions on this chapter?

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