Ok so it starts off showing Gray and Invel. Two ice mages! Cool!

One of Gray's original attacks did nothing but his Ice Devil Slayer magic did a lot more. Invel even said that Gray is strong enough to be a comrade. Gray's that strong as of now? Wow... Anyway Invel says that Gray's heart is being tainted by darkness... Uh oh...

Then Brandish shows up and takes away Lucy, Natsu, and Happy. That's odd but whatever. Invel uses this spell called Ice Lock and chains both Juvia and Gray together. He says that they cannot get free unless on of them dies. NOBODY. BETTER. DIE. That's all I have to say for that...

Invel says that Gray will be victorious. Um...duh! Of course! Gray would win if he were to fight Juvia with everything he had! The thing is I don't want anybody to die! They both have to live! I feel that way about a lot of characters though...not just Gray and Juvia.

I felt that this was an overall good chapter.


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