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Fairy Tail Chapter 497 The Winter Mage?

Yuri Rozu August 12, 2016 User blog:Yuri Rozu

Ok first sorry guys. I was kinda late with this one. I just started back school and I had to do some stuff so yeah...

Anyway we see Irene trying to separate Fairy Heart from Mavis. Zeref says something like "I don't wish to see her suffer." I guess that means he's not all bad... Maybe...

Then Neihart walks in and says that he's located Erza. As soon as I saw that all the rumors about the connection between Irene and Erza popped into my head. Then Irene's next words are "Kill her." I was thinking that they were related all this time or something like that. Why would Irene want Erza dead? What history do they have together? Are they actually related like the rumors say or is she just someone who knew Erza as like a former ally or something? I guess we'll find out later.

Then everybody's kicking some butt and then some mysterious cold starts to slowly freeze them. Who's doing this? Why its none other than Invel! I actually had no idea that he'd be the one doing all that though. The first person who came to mind was Silver. I mean... ice magic... so...

Gray's the only who's still able to move. That makes sense. He does use Ice Devil Slayer Magic. Then Invel starts kicking Gray's butt. How is Gray going to win? I honestly have no idea...

The chapter then ends with Mavis wanting for someone to defeat Invel before she fades.

So...opinions anybody?

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