Its been decided! I will now be making a blog every time a new Fairy Tail chapter comes out!

Anyway... the cover page for this chapter was actually pretty funny. I laughed at it...especially the "practicing his weird face routine" part.

Now there's one thing that I should have expected when I read this chapter and its Gildarts getting all mushy mushy over Cana. Cana is his daughter though so I can't blame him...

Oh yeah but you know the girl who helped Minerva and Rogue find their way? Yeah...I almost forgot about her... I didn't though. For those of you who forgot her name is Kinana. You know the girl who was Cobra's snake Cubellios? Yeah that's her. expected by a lot of people Gildarts won. He devastated God Serena with his attack. The name of the attack is interesting a well. What made Mashima come up with Empyrean?

Wait... Gildarts said that if God Serena were alive then he'd be "a force to be reckoned with". Is that a flaw of Historia of the Dead? Does it make people come back weaker then they were before? If so then Bradman and Wahl should be a bit easier to take out. Hopefully...

Right after the "fight" if you can even call it that we see Invel. What's he doing here and what importance will he have in the next chapter?

What did you guys think about this chapter? Tell me your opinions! ^_^

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