I might make these every time a new chapter comes out. I don't know. It could become a thing...

Anyway Happy 10th Anniversary Fairy Tail!

Oh yeah the cover page for this chapter was so awesome! Just wanted to say that...

Now for my thoughts on the chapter:

Gray asked Natsu which one of them will take down Zeref first. Natsu of course said that he's all for it and that he's ready or whatever but when I saw Happy's cute little determination face I was like "Natsu think about Happy!" I'm serious those were my thoughts when I was first reading this chapter. As of now I'm like "Natsu your gonna die if you kill Zeref... I don't want you to die!"

Anyway I'm glad that everyone else is helping out Fairy Tail. Their gonna need some help against the Spriggan 12.

And...guess what? God Serena's back and he's attacking Fairy Tail! Wouldn't this actually be for the first time since he died at the hands of Acnologia though? Wow...he didn't even survive long enough to get a chance to fight Fairy Tail... What can I say though? He was put up against Acnologia.

And last but certainly not least Fairy Tail's greatest and strongest mage Gildarts Clive is back on the scene! Man I bet you everyone was waiting for Gildarts to return. He took so freakin long to come back though... He better not get his butt beat by God Serena! This is going to be the first time we've seen Gildarts for a while and its gonna be a let down if he gets defeated. I don't think he will but just saying. Its bad to be gone for so long and it's even WORSE to come back and lose the first fight your involved in. Like I said that would just be a let down.

Tell me your opinions on this chapter!

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