Ok so I just caught up with the Fairy Tail manga(I only had to read two chapters though). I just wanted to talk about the most recent one.

Anyway I am sad to see Bradman, God Serena, and all the other resurrected Spriggan 12 members. They had to fight those people and now their just back all of sudden thanks to that pretty boy Neinhart and his magic. Darn...I really didn't want to see Bradman back after his fight with Gajeel... Then there's God Serena who reminds me of the Ginyu Force AND of the Great Saiyaman from Dragon Ball Z...

Oh yeah Mavis and Zeref met up too. Wow they were once lovers but now enemies... How interesting...

I actually forgot that Yukino had a sister. They haven't touched on that subject for a while. I'm glad that they brought it up though. I'm also happy that Yukino got to see her sister Angel after so long.

And last but not least someone named Rahkeid Dragneel is introduced. Is this another Dragneel brother? Wow another family member appears. I mean I don't think that its a coincidence that Rahkeid just so happened to have the same last name as Zeref and Natsu.

Anyway what did you guys think?

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