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  • Yuri Rozu

    Yes I know that I'm SUPER late with this but I just couldn't skip this one.

    Man...Makarov died... Well I guess it was either him than any other character. I mean Makarov is a good character. He's a father figure to the people in his guild and will do anything to protect them, as seen in manga chapters 505 and 506. I just like a lot of other characters and I would be totally mad if they died. Yeah I would get over it eventually but still...

    The fight between Natsu and Gray got INTENSE. After a while Erza interrupts the fight. I bet she's feeling like "While you two were fighting our master just died!" I'm glad Erza was the one who interrupted their fight though. I think that she was the perfect person. I don't know how I would've felt if anyo…

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  • Yuri Rozu

    I like how on the chapter cover Lucy's cup is covering Carla's mouth.

    Anyway Irene uses yet another spell and it makes their troops stronger. Makarov then tries to use Fairy Law. As soon as I saw that I thought "What? You're bringing it out now?" Well now I know why he didn't use it. Apparently if you're trying to cast Fairy Law on a large amount of enemies then it will take away some of your life or even all of it. I guess that makes sense. I mean Mavis used Law and it had a negative(If you see it that way) effect on her...

    And yeah...Makarov uses Fairy Law... Maybe Mashima didn't want anyone else to die because he had already planned out the death of Makarov.

    I thought that what he said to Mavis was a bit much. She sees them as friends not …

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  • Yuri Rozu

    I'll just be starting right away for this one...

    Gray and Natsu start to battle it out. It seems that Gray certainly isn't going to change his mind. Despite the fact that he knows Natsu is E.N.D. he still wants to kill him. Natsu doesn't stop either. It makes sense though. They both have goals and they're willing to even fight each other just to succeed.

    Oh yeah and Gray still thinks that Juvia is dead... Just wait until he finds out that she didn't really die... Did Natsu think that Lucy died too though?

    It also appears that Irene has activated a new spell of some sort. I've got to admit it seems kinda weird. I mean what would you do if you saw a giant eye in the sky?

    Right after the eye shows up we see a huge Mavis illusion. I didn't see tha…

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  • Yuri Rozu

    Ok this chapter was entirely about Dimaria, Natsu, and Lucy so... I'm just gonna get started.

    Dimaria must have a thing for humiliating people. I believe this the 2nd time she has torn the clothes off of someone. Oh yeah and of course Dimaria starts threatening Lucy with torture. She's another one of those villains.

    Anyway Natsu comes to Lucy's rescue before Dimaria gouges her eyes out and boom with one hit she's out for the count!

    Natsu disappears and somehow he meets Gray. And based on what Porlyusica said it appears that E.N.D. has awakened. I mean she did say "a sinster demonic power" so it has to be E.N.D since it's a demon and all. Plus even Dimaria said so...

    I'm very curious now. What will happen to Natsu and Gray?

    I thought this chapter …

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  • Yuri Rozu

    I might be a bit late with this. Sorry.

    Ok so Mavis somehow managed to trick Irene and Zeref and get away from them. Then Mest all of a sudden finds her. I guess Mest will be able to do something to make up for the thing he did with Brandish. Or maybe at least try...

    Levy finally met up with Gajeel after she thought he died so that's good. I'm a Gale shipper so you guys should already know that I was happy. Then the little goofy part with Levy kicking him was cool too.

    And then Zera's back...for a bit. I'm glad she was able to be useful and help them get back to the guild. I'm not saying that she was useless though...

    Man what's up with Natsu's tumor...? I had totally forgot about it until they mentioned it last chapter and now they're saying …

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