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  • Yuri Rozu

    This one is most likely late but oh well...

    The fight between Sting and Rahkeid intensifies! We see yet another character inflict pain on themselves to try and withstand Rahkeid's magic. And then Rogue want's Sting to enter the shadows!? That's crazy...but it worked!

    And... I forgot about Kagura's gravity magic. I keep forgetting stuff. Maybe I should go back and watch Fairy Tail... Eh...maybe some other time.

    Sting just used a different version of his "Rough Silk" attack to defeat Rahkeid. Oh my freakin goodness... I wasn't sure if Sting was going to win.

    They go back to the Natsu's Heart thing and then the "tour guide" is now Rogue. When Rogue asked why a scarf made out of Igneel's scales look white, I had to stop and think about it too.


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  • Yuri Rozu

    Wow I did the one for chapter 510 earlier today and now I'm doing another one...

    Anyway I guess that explains why Rahkeid smells so much like Natsu... According to Rahkeid Natsu is also Zeref"s son "in a way". So basically... Natsu is Zeref's brother BUT he's also his son if you look at it in a certain way. I guess it's because Zeref brought back Natsu. I don't blame Sting for saying that it seems confusing.

    The fight between Sting and Rahkeid has made me come to conclusion. Rahkeid has some weird powers. First it's pleasure, then it's hunger, and now "R.I.P"? Come on...

    ...I really didn't like seeing them do that to each other. At first I thought it was kinda funny but now it's It's like they turned into ghouls for a bit...

    I rea…

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  • Yuri Rozu

    Natsu, Gray, and Juvia are EXTREMELY injured. Gray and Juvia will heal but what will happen to Natsu? Will he actually die?!

    Natsu's "heart" area seems weird. Zeref appears to him and shows him all his forgotten memories and then Sting shows up there. What other crazy stuff is gonna happen inside of Natsu's heart?

    And with Rahkeid, it seems like he got the best of everyone. Sting shows up so that's good. It's cool that he can withstand and basically eat Rahkeid's magic. I wonder what will happen...

    I actually forgot all about Sting and Sabertooth for a bit. That fight with Rahkeid reminded me though. But where the heck is Rogue?

    Oh well maybe we'll see him later... What did you guys think about this chapter?

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  • Yuri Rozu

    August is lecturing Jellal. Come on now... Jellal went from being a crazy person who wanted to "revive" Zeref to a man who just wanted to make up for his past sins. I don't think he should be getting lectured.

    Rahkeid is Zeref's son? Oh my goodness... Ok who did Zeref have a kid with? Wait... Mavis? Ok I'm not even gonna think about that. Mavis needs to answer some questions though. But man that's kinda weird... Natsu's technically an uncle. Wow.

    Anyway Kagura's fighting Rahkeid now. During their fight Kagura bit her tongue to "liberate" herself from Rahkeid's magic. So far this seems like an interesting match. Since Kagura is one of my favorite characters I'm hoping that she'll somehow manage to win this fight. Rahkeid is one of the Sprigga…

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  • Yuri Rozu

    I would once again like the say sorry about the mistake I made with the last chapter... Anyway I'm going to get started now...

    The somewhat mysterious man by the name of Rahkeid appears and tries to cast a spell that has...weird side effects... They experience um...pleasure and agony hence the name of the chapter. Seeing Gildarts' face like that brought back some memories. Cana was totally right...

    Anyway Jellal and Crime Sorciere have fallen. I feel so bad for them... But it's not they were defeated by someone weak. They fought August for goodness sake! Oh well... I was wondering what the outcome would be I know...

    I was expecting for the whole "I am you and you are me" thing to be revealed in this chapter but oh well.

    I'm glad that…

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