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    Yeah, I meant to create this before but I gave up on it. Now I'm gonna continue this shit. Just before ending this year, recall all the things that happened in FT. The good times, the bad times, and the Mindfuck times. Try listing off all your Mindfuck moments in FT (no need for the chapter titles or pages). You can even put images in it as well. Then, well enjoy.

    BTW, my own (slightly updated) Top Ten Mindfuck Moments of 2013:

    10) Toby Horhorta's Lost Sock. 9) Flying Cyclops Chimera-like Bird.

    8) Midnight's real name. Macbeth? Better if it was Hamlet though.

    7) Treasure Hunters. Where did Mashima get this idea??

    6) Walrod's fanservice (gross)

    5) Bob's actual gender. I thought he was gay from the start.

    4) Sherlock Natsu

    3) Nichiya x Ichiya shipping (EWWW…

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