Hello, people of the Fairy Tail wiki! I’m going to start doing reviews for chapters and episodes because I want something to do, so I’m starting with this week’s chapter.

The cover page is nothing special, just Juvia and Lucy hanging out, but it’s cute, so I like it. The chapter starts off like you expect it to. Grey starts using his fancy new Devil Slayer powers on Marde Geer and beats him like he’s a Sternritter member. Marde talks about stuff while fighting back, then drops a big bombshell on us: Jiemma is a demon now and is stronger than the 9 Demon Gates. FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for a character like Bluenote or Gildarts to show up (Second strongest guy in a guild) and kick everyone’s butt. Maybe this means Gildarts will come and fight? C’mon, he really needs some action outside of the spin-offs.

Fanboying aside, Sting and Rogue take on the Father of the Year, and Marde reveals his Etherious form to Natsu and Grey. To that I say...Cringe. It looks like the love child of Freed’s Absolute Shadow and Acnologia gone wrong, but maybe something will happen in the next chapter to put Marde back on top for my favorite Fairy Tail villain.

Overall, this chapter was...across the board. On the one hand, we got a reappearance from an old villain and a taste of Grey’s new magic, but on the other hand, we got, well, Marde’s Etherious form. I hope that the next few chapters wrap up this battle so we can see A) Face’s activation, and B) What the hell Lumen Histore does. Since the next chapter is called Bond Between Black and White, the scene is probably just going to shift to the Sting/Rogue vs Jiemma, but at least It’ll be a new battle.

Final Scores

Art: 10/10

Story: 8/10

Fight: 7/10

Overall Chapter: 8/10

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