• Yellowbuizel

    Hello, people of the Fairy Tail wiki! I’m going to start doing reviews for chapters and episodes because I want something to do, so I’m starting with this week’s chapter.

    The cover page is nothing special, just Juvia and Lucy hanging out, but it’s cute, so I like it. The chapter starts off like you expect it to. Grey starts using his fancy new Devil Slayer powers on Marde Geer and beats him like he’s a Sternritter member. Marde talks about stuff while fighting back, then drops a big bombshell on us: Jiemma is a demon now and is stronger than the 9 Demon Gates. FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for a character like Bluenote or Gildarts to show up (Second strongest guy in a guild) and kick everyone’s butt. Maybe this means Gildarts will come and fig…

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