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Who do you think is the girl that Gray would end up with??

Yamhi78 July 29, 2011 User blog:Yamhi78

Well, i just want your opinions since my friends say that Gray Fullbuster is seen paired with many girls. there are even love teams like: Graylu (GrayxLucy), Gruvia (GrayxJuvia), grayza (GrayxErza), graytear (GrayxUltear) <---- I know that sounds crazy but i seriously saw supporters.. xDDD), MiraxGray(I also saw supporters for this.. ^^"") and whatever love teams people today have in mind.. xDD soooo, Who do you think is the best girl for Gray???

TOP PICKS FOR SURE: Juvia, Erza ad Lucy.. xDDD (wendy.. i'm not sureeeee.. xDDD) well , i hope you can comment here and share who is the best girl for Gray Fullbuster

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