First things first. Do we have a real name for this arc? and which is the proper spelling for that country. Well anyways..

1) Avatar Arc P2: Could this be the Avatar Arc P2? Avatar could be coming back and stronger, and also they are still looking for some "old" Fairy Tail members like Laxus and Makarov.

2) God Slayers: Seeing God Serena and knowing there is twelve of them... I think we should be seeing some God Slayers. Chelia and Wendy vs. God Serena lel or! Zancrow coming back :o:o:o

3) Other Guilds: Let's just hope it starts out as a Team Fairy Tail A/Team Fairy Tail B type of thing, then everyone comes, then Sabertooth, Mermaid Heel, Lamia Scale and Blue Pegasus and possibly a new guild come.

4) Beth and Bisca: Oh ho ho, Beth and Bisca are from that place?!? I hope to see more character development and backstory from Bisca and Beth and see more of Beth this arc.

5) Northern Continent: There's a Western Continent. Probably an Eastern Continent, and there is probably a northern where Gray is from... maybe Ishgar is the Southern Continent.. what if this turns out as a World War :O:O:O

6) Lucy vs. Natsu: Still waiting for that fight... since like TWENTY-FOUR WEEKS AGO.

7) Star Dress Gemini: I am also still waiting for Star Dress Gemini and those other Star Dresses... What if with Star Dress Gemini she can copy people's magic higher above her own?!? :O

Those are my thoughts right now.. anyways bye.

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