The Next Chapter, Chapter 443 is titled, "and the Ground/Earth was gone." Please Note: None of these are spoilers, these are mere theories of what will happen after are in Chapter 443.

I think that Brandish and Natsu+Gray will fight, and Natsu and Gray will end up being thrown in Alvarez/Arbaless prison.

I also think that Marin will control/manipulate Lucy and Erza's Memories/Mind and will make them fight Fairy Tail, well atleast that's what I hope for. Especially since Marin said, "They're mine now." I'm waiting for Lucy vs. Natsu.

Lastly I think that Team B won't find Laxus at the place their going but they find the Rajinshu, and they ask where Laxus is. Maybe the Rajinshu will say he disappeared one day and maybe he went looking for Makarov...

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