First of all

I haven't properly introduced myself yet so I guess this is the right time.

Hello everyone, I started watching FairyTail last year around mid November after having known from my brother that he has all the episodes up to date. It was a dream come true for me because I won't have to stream anymore(our internet was slow back then) and I have known FairyTail much earlier than when I started to watch it because everyone was talking about it and I love magic too. And so I transferred all the files to my iPad for portability and it really got me hooked - character designs, animation, and soundtrack. I remember the anime was still in ep 150+ when I started. I finally caught up after not more than 1 and a half weeks and there I have experienced how it was to wait for new episodes every week since this is the first anime I watched that was still airing that time. I managed to overcome that by continuing the series in the manga.

At some point, I would have to google something for facts and I found out about FairyTail Wiki. I was amazed and still amazed how informations are well organized, and the active community too. And last September I decided to register after familiarizing myself with the wiki and after being encouraged by omeganatsu. Along the way I came across friendly people like FTGM, B214, CNBA3,raven, Godisme, nonickneeded, sunbrown, toshi, carrot,and many more. It's fun to hang around in the chat room too :D

By the way, I'm a fan of water and ice magic, Ultear, Minerva, Happy and Loke and many more in my updated profile but I have problems organizing it and my newly created signature doesn't seem to work >.> Whoever can help me, I have to thank you in advance.
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Time for the part why I created this blog. I want to challenge myself to be a better person so I decided to give presents to the first five people who can fill up the form below and get it correct. Why here? Because I love FairyTail and this is a great place to meet dedicated FairyTail fans!

To participate, you just have to be a registered user and fill this up:

1. If a FairyTail character were to appear in front of you and give you a gift this Christmas, who would it be? Pls limit it to 5 characters >.>
2. Anything you can imagine him/her doing right now? (e.g. sleeping, eating, playing)It could be anything yes anything.
3. What is my favorite color?

-Presents will be given before new year but as much as possible I want to give it on or before Christmas. Only 5 people will be guaranteed to receive a present but that won't stop me from creating more so don't hesitate to post :).
-Submission will close after 24hrs upon creation of this blog or after 5 slots are taken. But it still depends...

The present is a surprise but feel free to guess. Oh and artworks are allowed to be posted here right?

Again, thank you so much and I hope to be friends with everyone! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


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