Sup guys! I guess I'll just do the review this week, which is all right, since this episode was pretty cool. For the most part, it was faithful to the manga, which is understandable since it adapted a 30-something page chapter. But can I send a shout-out to Lucy's tits, which were phenomenal in this episode? Like seriously, the whole thing was almost consistently animated quite beautifully (like Jason, for instance. He was the life of the episode), but Lucy's tits drew my every round, bouncy turn.

Anyway, so it's a year later! We've officially, and completely, entered X792 with this episode, and we start off with the Grand Magic Games of that year, which noticeably lack Saber, Mermaid, Lamia, Pegasus, Cerberus and of course Fairy Tail, since it disbanded, and we learn that Lucy is a reporter for Weekly Sorcerer now, after she basically begged not to be a gravure model. We get some filler extensions on how that went down, and filler on her training, which was all good fun, and quite enjoyable.

There's a whole lot more stuff, like some of the fights that day, and what the anime does better than the manga here is that it hits even harder how much Fairy Tail's disbandment has hurt Lucy, specifically how her friends are just out of her life, most notably Natsu, who as we know, sort of unknowingly left her all alone to deal with this strife. Lucy has also kept her guild mark, and has been keeping tabs on all her friends and what they've been doing in case they need to meet up again, which is really sweet. The next day, we get the Grand Magic Games' end, but at the end, a mysterious challenger, who turns out to be none other than Natsu, shows up, melts the stadium (and everyone's clothes), and defeats all the wizards in the arena. Throwback to one year ago, but digging the hair. ( ._.)

Cue picture reel!
Lucy's wall
The wall that definitely panged your heart

Natsu the Challenger
I hated this a year ago, but this time around I smiled

Lucy and Natsu meet again
The nudity!

Heat melting Chapati and Yajima's clothes

Anyway, as some of you might have heard, the Fairy Tail anime is going to go on hiatus for an undisclosed amount of time following the next broadcast on Saturday, March 26. Whether or not Misk or I does the review, comment your thoughts on this blog, and the next! See ya~

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