Hey-o, bitches and [insert other derogatory noun here]! I'm actually going to publish this on time. Praise me. ;o


I'm not fucking kidding. Praise me. >:C

Anyway, half the episode is filler, but it's otherwise enjoyable. We basically get to glimpse the place that will ultimately become the location of the very first guild building, which doesn't actually make sense since the first building was smack in the middle of Magnolia, but whatever tickles my heart. =) We also get to meet a Mako and Miko, the respective mother and child who own a bakery in Magnolia, being chased by Blue Skull through the forest. Mavis does some illusion shit, scares off Blue Skull, and then we get some more insight onto the devastation that Blue Skull has caused to the once peaceful, frivolous and prosperous Magnolia, which includes murdering Mako's husband just for keks.

After this, the old person we manga readers thought was an old woman turns out to be an old man shows up. ( . _.) He's killed, then we get a conflict with dozens of Blue Skull members, who Mavis scares by creating a bunch of Sirius-like soldiers.

The Tenrou Soldiers

Then Geoffrey, the master shows up, dispels the illusion, and then proceeds to personally heavily wound Yuri while even more Blue Skull members join the fight and pressure the treasure hunters. This conflict is actually how Precht loses his eye and gains his signature eyepatch, so that was nice to see, even thought I bet it hurt like a bitch for him. :'D Anyway, Warrod picks up the boys, and runs into the woods as Mavis and Zera follow him. Mavis doesn't really take this situation very well and feels personally responsible, which reflects in her tears.

As a whole, the episode was good. The beginning animation was rather shaky, but as usual, the key parts were decent to amazing. All in all, the episode was pretty great, and next week looks absolutely phenomenal. We also finally get to see Zeref, and how he links in to the story!

Please discuss, and as always, remember to keep the comments spoiler-free for anime-only viewers!

Master Geoffrey
Why so serious?

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