HI GUYS! So basically I was watching Fate/Zero and Fate/stay night [UBW] busy all weekend, and have a lot of homework to do after this, actually, so I'm going to try and wrap this up as quickly as I can.

Also, the black boxes are spoilers. I'm being considerate for you anime-only viewers, so highlight at your own risk. And down in the comment section, be mindful as well. :/

Basically, a very high portion of this episode is filler, and it's not necessarily bad by any means (again, anything to get us through the 24 minutes). One of the filler bits that ultimately stood out to me was when they found the thicket of dead trees and brush, thus offering up some foreshadowing towards their inevitable meeting with  Zeref , but given last episode's end, I'm sure you figured that much already. =P I honestly have nothing to say about the trio's story of their trip to Hell's Valley, but Mavis going full goddamn ham over the fact that Yuri messed up and wanting to know what he did made me laugh a fair amount. Also, they really must like foreshadowing, because Warrod talking about Yuri's recklessness also basically foreshadows  Yuri getting fatally wounded in the inevitable conflict with Blue Skull, during which Warrod rescues him .

Several other things of note:

  1. Mavis and Zera had bathing suits on, which is explained in the 3rd episode. It makes much more sense for them to have bathing suits. I mean, not everyone needs to be naked for something to mean something, let alone two thirteen year old girls. C'mon. >__>
  2. The animation in this episode was considerably underwhelming. I can excuse that because they knew full well it was filler that no one cared about. The key parts (the big parts from the manga) were nicely animated, and that's all that counts.
  3. The preview for next week looks positively phenomenal, which is what I'm hoping for, since that is where things basically come to a head in Fairy Tail Zerø.
Hell's Valley
Filler that no one cares about #1

Wild Rainbow Monster
Filler that no one cares about #2

Wild Rainbow Plant
Filler that no one ca- Ooh, pretty colors =)

Zera hugs Mavis in the lake
Clothes are good? Right? RIGHT?

Mavis and others arrive at Magnolia
The part that made anime-only viewers shit themselves

Thank an anon for asking me to do this, because I most certainly would have forgotten. Comment away, if you want~

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